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It's a powerful resource designed to be
your go-to companion on your
journey to rap mastery.  đź”Ą

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Hip Hop Lyrics Guide, How To Record & 
Perform, and Marketing Resource eBook" 

With 250 colourful pages of curated advice, practical exercises, and proven strategies, you'll have everything you need to create hit songs that resonate with your audience.

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Are You Ready To Unleash Your Rap Potential And
Take Your Music Career To New Heights? Look No Further! 

"The Rap Lyricists Handbook" Is Here To Revolutionize Your Skills And Transform You Into An Unstoppable Rap Lyricist.


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Tony Fuego
Tony Fuego
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Fire beats, great one on one customer service and honest feedback..respect!
Cary Winkler
Cary Winkler
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These are some of the best beats in the industry to right songs to! And a willingness to always work with you is a Big Plus
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Nice quality Beats along with catchy hooks ! Corporatethief Beats is a geniune producer who helped me with removing the copyright claim as well as he replied to my queries . I'm satisfied and happy to work with him.
phil cobb
phil cobb
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I can honestly say with no exaggeration that in my entire life purchasing the Corporate Beats package is the ONE time something seemed to be good to be true and it actually was true! Damn near 130 beats that range in variety for $28 bucks is an undefeated deal. I have searched YEARS purchasing beats that were only for lease with all types of strings attached that all cost $50 per 1 beat at least. I tell my peoples that it feels like the Corporate Beats package is a blessing sent straight to me from God above. If you need hot affordable beats look no further.
4 Real 4 Real Ent
4 Real 4 Real Ent
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Daniel is very informative and anytime I reach out he gets right back too me I really appreciate him thanks again Daniel Hartnett
Twyll The ChyllTyrant
Twyll The ChyllTyrant
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Very smart producer whose influence has included Wiz Khalifa and others. He is helpful with his services, too.
Victorious Marcus
Victorious Marcus
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
I've been with The CT Out Of This World Beats for Years! I've become good friends with Dan for years now. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND every artist beginning of professional! I am also with Universal Music Group Distribution who sends all my music to Itunes Etc.

BURN // Hip Hop Artist 

No Doubt These beat packages and the bonus video course are unbelievable"

MarjorieW // Singer Song Writer

Hi Dan ... You're amazing. I got everything. May God bless all of your business efforts!

3ek  //  Hip Hop Artist

"Im glad I found you,hardest producer I found on YouTube,respect"

"Why do so many rap artists struggle to get started, Writing Songs, building an audience & promote their music?"

  • Artists are overwhelmed.
  • Overthinking what to do and how to do it.
  • They Have No Strategy For Topic Generation.
  • Fear Of Not Knowing What To Write About.
  • They Don’t Know Where To Start, And This Overwhelm Leads To Inaction. 
  • Most Artists Don't Use Tools To Help Themselves, From Writing Rap Lyrics To Music Marketing.
  • Chasing after traffic everywhere but not getting attention or building an audience.
  • Dealing with the crazy, constantly changing social media algorithms.

From: Daniel Hartnett aka Getchorus.com Admin The Corporatethief Beats, UK

Every morning, as I pry open my tired eyes and face the new day, I'm met with a familiar battle within myself.

The world of music creation is both a gift and a burden—a constant ebb and flow of emotions that can leave me feeling invincible one moment and utterly worthless the next.

In those moments of doubt and darkness, I find solace in seeking motivation from the most unexpected places. I dive deep into the realms of inspiration, searching for that spark that will ignite my passion once again. And as I embark on this journey, I realize that investing in my music production business is crucial—it's a fusion of both art and strategy that propels me forward.This includes both music marketing & music creation.

"As a creator and a witness to the struggles of up-and-coming rap artists, I noticed a troubling trend. Talented individuals would eagerly purchase my beats, brimming with excitement and ambition, only to find themselves trapped in a cycle of frustration."

They would stumble at every hurdle—songwriting, crafting gripping rap lyrics, creating infectious hooks, recording flawless vocals, delivering captivating performances, and effectively marketing and distributing their art. It was a heartbreaking pattern that left their potential untapped, their dreams unfulfilled.

"What held them back, you ask?
Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of never living up to their own expectations.

Fear became an impenetrable barrier, preventing them from unleashing their true potential and silencing their creative voices.

Driven by a burning desire to help these talented individuals overcome their fears and find inspiration when they need it most, I set out to create a solution.

Countless musicians have fallen victim
to the fear of failure, never even daring to try. 

Break free from this self-imposed barrier and seize the opportunity to turn your passion into a successful career. 

"The Rap Lyricists Handbook" is your gateway to becoming a rap artist who leaves a lasting impact on the industry.

To Quote Jay Z
"When Ever Inspiration
Doesn't Find You.
You Have To Find It."

Inside "The Rap Lyricists Handbook," you'll dive deep into the art and science of rap song creation. No stone is left unturned as we delve into the crucial elements that make up a phenomenal rap track. 

From finding inspiration and choosing the perfect topic to crafting unforgettable hooks and verses, you'll learn the exact techniques used by successful rap artists.

🎶 Discover the Secrets to Creating Mind-Blowing Rap Songs 🎶

We understand the frustrations that come with creative blocks, which is why we've dedicated an entire section of this guide to help you conquer them.

Learn how to practice flow and delivery, explore a handpicked list of easy rap songs to learn from, enhance your vocal techniques, and master different styles and flows.

Unleash your persona and image, captivating your audience with your unique style.

No longer will you be paralyzed by uncertainty, staring at a blank page, unable to pour your heart and soul into your music.

The Rap Lyricists Handbook will be your compass, guiding you through the maze of self-expression, revealing the secrets to crafting powerful verses that resonate with your audience. It will ignite your creativity, showing you how to weave unforgettable hooks that leave an indelible mark on your listeners' minds.

Propel Your Music Career with
Our Curated Insights 

  • The dream of being a singer 
  • The dream of being a rapper 
  • The dream of being a content creator
  • The dream of Making Hit Records

"The Rap Lyricists Handbook" goes beyond the basics, providing valuable insights from accomplished artists and songwriters who have successfully navigated the music industry. 

Tap into their wisdom, learn from their experiences, and gain the tools you need to thrive in today's competitive rap scene.

Break free from the chains of self-doubt and take hold of your destiny. The Rap Lyricists Handbook is here to guide you, inspire you, and give you the unwavering belief that you can achieve greatness. Together, let's defy the odds and unleash your full potential as a rap artist.

"Break Free from the Fear of Failure and Rise Above"

Are you tired of holding yourself back? Don't let the fear of failure hinder your progress. In this guide, we tackle this common obstacle head-on, empowering you to step out of your comfort zone and unlock your true potential. You'll gain the confidence and mindset needed to pursue your music career with determination and tenacity.

Learn to practice flow and delivery, explore a curated list of easy rap songs to learn from, enhance your vocal techniques, experiment with different styles and flows, and develop a captivating persona and image that sets you apart from the competition.

"The Rap Lyricists Handbook" equips you with essential techniques to elevate your rap skills to new heights.

"Imagine a world where every beat you 
create comes alive with captivating lyrics
that flow effortlessly from your pen."

"With the knowledge and techniques you'll
gain from The Rap Lyricists Handbook,
you'll witness your confidence unfold
before your very eyes."

As you delve into the pages of this transformative guide, you'll experience the exhilaration of recording your songs with precision and finesse, and witness your music being embraced by fans worldwide. 

"Rappers And Singers Needed A Simple Solution To help Them With Overwhelm"

  • ...A Guide That Helps You Find Topics. 
  • ...A Guide That Helps You Write Hooks. 
  • ...A Guide That Showcases Tools To Help You Write Rap Lyrics.
  • ...A Guide That Curates Content From Online Rap Experts. 
  • ...A Guide That Showcases Practical Examples Of Rap Rhyming Schemes.
  • ....A Guide That Showcases Practical Examples Of Modern Rap Songs  
  • ...A Guide That Shows You Practical Examples Of Song Structures.
  • ...A Guide That Shows You How To Record And Perform.
  • ...A Guide That Shows You How To Create Content To Help Your Promote Your Music.
  • ...A Guide That Shows You How To Build An Ecosystem To Help Build Your Fanbase.
  • ...A Guide That Shows You How Monitize Your Music Fast.

"And The Good News For
You Is…."

"That’s Exactly What
The Rap Lyricists Handbook

The Rap Lyricists Handbook

Your Limited Time Offer Includes...

250 Colour Pages With Detailed Curated Content On How To Write Rap Lyrics,
How Record / Perform & How To Promote Your Music.

"The TRUTH about How To Make Hit Records... Even if You Think You Can't Afford It!

The Rap Lyricists Handbook 2023

"The Rap Lyricists Handbook" goes beyond the ordinary. It stands as an exceptional resource meticulously crafted to serve as your ultimate companion, empowering you on your quest for rap mastery.

"Here's Exactly What You're 
Getting Your Hands On Today!

The Rap Lyricists Handbook

"Module #1 | Introduction"

  • "Develop an Empowered Mindset: Explore the importance of cultivating a positive and resilient mindset as a rap lyricist."
  • Discover Practical Strategies For Overcoming Limiting Beliefs That May Hinder Your Creative Process And Growth.
  • Unleash the Power of Lyrics in Rap: Discover why lyrics play a pivotal role in rap and how they contribute to storytelling, self-expression, and connecting with your audience on a deeper level.

Module #2 | 'The Anatomy Of A Rap Song

  • "Unleash The Rhythmic Pulse: Explore 'The Anatomy Of A Rap Song' And Master The Elements From Beats To Verses."
  • "Unleash Your Creative Flow: Discover the Art of Writing Rap Lyrics with Precision and Style."
  • "Find Topic Generators & AI Lyric Inspiration Tools So You Will Never Run Out of Idea's"
  • Uncover the Essence of Rap Music: Dive into the world of rap music and explore its unique characteristics, cultural significance, and artistic expression.

Module #3 | 'Writing Rap Lyrics

  • "Develop Your Unique Voice And Style As A Rap Lyricist, Leaving A Lasting Impression On Your Listeners."
  • "Finding Inspiration: Uncover effective techniques to find inspiration for your rap lyrics, from exploring personal experiences to drawing inspiration from the world around you."
  • "Discover How To Tap Into Your Creativity And Develop A Constant Flow Of Ideas For Your Rap Songs."
  • "Crafting Verses: Master the art of constructing impactful and captivating rap verses. Learn about rhyme schemes, wordplay, metaphors, and storytelling techniques that will elevate your lyrics to a new level."
  • "learn Simple Freestyle Tips, Overcoming Writer's Block, And Conquer The Fear Of Recording Rap Lyrics."

Module #4 | 'Improving Your Rap Skills'

  • "Define Your Style In The Ultimate Guide To Improving Your Rap Skills"
  • "Practicing Flow And Delivery: Master the art of delivering your rap verses with precision, rhythm, and emotion."
  • "Learn effective techniques to improve your flow, including breath control, cadence, and vocal dynamics, allowing you to deliver your lyrics with confidence and impact."
  • "Discover Inspiration, Master Flow, & How to Elevate Your Vocals From The Mundane To Seasoned Pro."

Module #5 | 'Recording & Performing

  • "Elevate Your Rap Game: Unleash Your Skills In Recording And Performing With Proven Techniques For Home Studio Setup."
  • "find Equipment Selection, Vocal Recording, Track Mixing And Mastering, Live Show Preparation, And Engaging Your Audience."
  • "Including Choosing The Right Audio Interface, Microphone, Headphones, And Software For Recording And Producing Your Rap Music."
  • "Understand the importance of crafting a unique persona and image as a rap artist. Explore strategies to develop your authentic style, stage presence, and visual branding that aligns with your music and resonates with your audience".

Module #6 | 'Marketing & Distribution'

  • Monetizing Your Music: Discover various revenue streams and monetization opportunities available to rap artists, such as selling merchandise, licensing your music for commercials or film."
  • "Securing Sponsorships, And Leveraging Crowdfunding Platforms To Fund Your Projects And Career Advancement."
  • Gain Insights Into Building A Thriving Fanbase, Monetizing Your Music, Booking Gigs And Tours, Releasing Your Music On Streaming Platforms, 

Module #6 | 'Conclusion & Resources

  • "Find Your Place in the Guide: Identify if you're the target audience for this comprehensive handbook."
  • "Designed To Empower Up-And-Coming Rap Artists, Lyricists, And Songwriters Who Are Eager To Take Their Skills To New Heights."
  • "Resources for Further Learning: Equip readers with a curated list of additional resources." 
  • "Recommended Books, Online Courses, And Relevant Websites, To Continue Their Learning Journey And Further Enhance Their Rap Lyricist Skills Beyond The Handbook."

The Rap Lyricists Handbook 2023

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Music Marketing Tools Cheat Sheet: If you're struggling to promote your music online and you are unsure of where to start, then you're in the right place. 

my artist resource guide. This is just a PDF of all the resources and tools that I use to help promote my music online.

I get asked all the time what tools do I use to help promote my rap music online. So I created this PDF to download for free to show rappers what tools they need to help promote their mixtapes online.

"Self-Made Classic" by 
Drew Morrisey {Audio Book / eBook}

"How To Make A Great Project
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So how do you rise above the crowd and make a name for yourself? 

I have teamed up with the legendary Drew Morisey aka How To Rap Drew to provide you with his amazing audio book and ebook for rap artists.

The key to success lies in how you market yourself, coupled with hard work, perseverance, and a touch of luck.

However, the foundation upon which all of this is built remains unchanged: good music.

Before you can even think about getting your big break, you need a project of at least four quality tracks that shows everyone exactly what you’re capable of...

And that’s what we’re here to help you with.

The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Successful Rapper eBook

"Unleash the Secrets to Rap SuccessAnd Conquer the Music Industry!"

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Here I teamed up with Smart Rapper's Rob level where you will Discover Game-Changing Music Marketing Hacks To Skyrocket Your Music's Reach and Boost Your Fanbase!

Master the Art of Touring and PerformingTo Deliver Unforgettable Live ShowsAnd Leave Your Fans Begging for More!

Here's What People Say About
The Corporatethief Beats

 Tony F // YouTuber // Rapper 

"Great stuff Dan, one of the most informative and easy to follow videos I've come across on these subject. Thumbs up dude!"

Cash  S.  // Rapper / Song Writer

Yo TCB, listening to these beats I Love it.... U have given great advice over the years that has been really beneficial to me. As a producer and an artist, I thank you.

Big C  // Rapper / Song Writer

"Big fan of yours man... downloaded your mixtape back in 2014 and liked your beats ever since

Behind This eBook :
Daniel Hartnett

The Corporatethief Beats is the production alias used by Daniel Hartnett. Daniel is a hip hop music producer from IrelandOver the last number of years I have taken my music production skills to another level by leasing my beats online while sharing my music marketing experience with my blog readers.

The main goal of thecorporatethiefbeats.com blog is to be a resource site for Rap Artists and Beat Makers that are beginning with their music marketing journey online. 

Academy Of Sound

After some time creating hip hop beats I enrolled in the Galway Technical Institute to study Music Technology.  

Once I finished this course, I moved to Dublin to attend The Academy of Sound to study music production and sound engineering. 

Here I learned how to work in a studio, using Logic Pro / Pro Tools and analog equipment. 
In 2015 I Completed a 4 year Higher Diploma at The Academy of Sound Dublin.


Frankly I Don't Blame You For Being A Little Bit Skeptical

Daniel Hartnett The Corporatethief Beats

Prepare to be blown away by the extraordinary value I'm about to deliver to you! I'm not just going above and beyond; I'm overdelivering by a staggering 10 times the worth of the mere $17.00 price tag.

Why am I so confident in offering this incredible amount of valuable content at such a low cost?

Because I firmly believe that once you experience the immense value and impact it has on your music career, you'll be hooked and eager to explore all the exceptional courses I have in store for you.

If I did offer the complete back for free, I am pretty confident that very few people WOULDN'T USE ANY or IMPLEMENT the content from the book

More than likely it would grow digital dust on your hard drive or desktop only to be forgotten. 

Wasting both my time and your time in the process.

I understand the transformative power my content holds for aspiring musicians, rappers, and content creators like yourself.

By providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed, I'm not just ensuring your immediate growth, but I'm also building a lifelong relationship with a dedicated customer – you!

But I am pretty confident that if I provide you with all this great content at this tiny investment cost, you'll continue to purchase all of my courses in the future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Get My eBook?

Is This A Monthly Subscription ?

Why Such A Short Limited Time Only Period?

How Big Is This Download File?

How Long Do You Store My Download?

Simplifying The Process Of Writing Rap Lyrics

So take the leap and invest in yourself today. Embrace this opportunity to propel your music career forward and unlock your full potential.

By choosing to invest $17 in The Rap Lyricists Handbook, you're not just purchasing a product; you're showcasing your unwavering dedication, commitment, and determination to your own success.

Your decision to take this step demonstrates your willingness to go above and beyond in implementing the strategies and techniques outlined in the guide.

Customers like you are a dream come true.

It's truly fulfilling for me to support individuals who are driven to grow their own businesses, regardless of the industry or niche they belong to.

Whether you're a YouTuber, podcaster, rapper, singer, part of a group or any type of content creator, this offer is designed to work wonders for your unique venture.

I've seen this offer transform up and coming rappers of all kinds, time and time again.

The principles and insights shared in The Rap Lyricists Handbook have proven to be universally effective, delivering remarkable results for entrepreneurs in various fields. 

The strategies outlined within these pages will empower you to elevate your craft and drive your business forward, regardless of your specific niche.

So, seize this opportunity and embrace the power of this proven offer. Let me guide you towards unlocking the full potential of your business, unleashing your creativity, and propelling your success to new heights.

Together, we'll lay the foundation for your flourishing career, setting you apart from the competition and paving the way for lasting achievement.

Don't you think today is the right time to act?

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Now, because this is the first time I’m offering this, for the next few days, until the timer hits ZERO.




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  • The Rap Lyricists HandBook eBook
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  • 15 Completely Untagged Beats
  • 100% Royalty Free Trap Beats, Beats With Hooks ect...
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  • Free Bonus #2 Rap Writer's Block Video Course 10 Videos
  • Free Bonus #3 Music Marketing Tools Cheat Sheet
  • Free Bonus # 4 Rap Musicians Checklist SpreadSheet Filled With Tons Of Resources From Websites and Tools That Help Both With Music Marketing and Songwriting.
  • Free Bonus #5 Smart Rapper eBook on How To Build A Successful Rap Career
  • Free Bonus #6 Self Made Classic by Drew Morrisey aka How To Rap Drew Showcasing How To Promote Your Rap Project On A Tight Budget & Audio Book & eBook

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