Beat Show Case: Trap Instrumental Download : Money Never Sleeps


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Beat Name: Money Never Sleeps
BPM: 123

Created By: The Corporatethief Beats

Drum Kit's Used In This Beat

Trap Instrumental Mixtape Name: Greed Is Good

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The way this trap beat came about is with the original idea for my instrumental mixtape "Greed Is Good". You can cop the trap instrumental mixtape download below.

I got the music producer name The Corporatethief Beats from watching a Michael Moore Documentary where he showed his distaste for greedy bankers, and money has driven wall street guys.

I was fascinated with Wall Street Documentaries, and the Movies like "Wall Street", The Boiler Room and Glen Gary Glen Ross.

The concept of the beat tape Greed Is Good I had for long while I didn't feel I had the right type of rap instrumentals to go with that particular theme. 

I am really into producing beats that have a dark and seedy sound. So I was looking for that trap instrumental beat type of vibe. I feel that they just have a really cool vibe and the suit my sound.

Some of the beats that I listened too for inspiration included "Ghost" By Kid Ink, "Stay Schemin" By Drake, Flexin By Meek Mill and
Yella Diamonds By Rick Ross.

If you really listen closely to my beat Money Never Sleeps and listen to these beats I have mentioned above you can really see and hear some similarities and the inspiration I took to create my own sound.

For this particular trap instrumental I used a bump of 123, I had originally started with 130bmp but found that I just moved too fast for an artist to actually rap on a still get that dark seedy vibe I was looking for.

Most of the drum sounds I used for this beat came from the 

Drum Kit's on this page on my website

Some also came from sample libraries I collected from other producers from Myflashstore and Rocbattle over the years I have been online.


70% of the synths in the beat are used to create that busy arp sounds are created with alternating various synth sounds in the Slylenth 1 Vst. My favourite VST by far. I do use ultra-beat for the drums adding in all my Drum sound libraries. 

The dark overlaying cello and strings come from ESX 1 within logic layered with the same silky strings sound just with slight tweaks here and there.

What makes this beat so creepy and dark is created by the transitions within the structure. Where the 808 kick drum drops out leaving the synths and light drum sounds and returning to the chorus.

Once the hook drops you hear a siren like a synth that really defines the chorus. Listening to the drops and transitions in this trap beat really builds that rush of adrenaline in your body that some big is going to happen.

Kinda like the feeling you get when you hear Kid Ink or Big Sean rapping on these type of trap beats. You can buy these rap beats on in our beat store here.

sylenth 1

From concept to complete beat

It's the perfect trap type instrumental to open with the Greed Is Good Mixtape. And later because of the feeling I got from this beat, it really inspired me to create the other beats that came with that beat tape. 

Since the beat taped was named after a famous quote from Gordon Gekko from The Wall Street Movie, I felt that the sample of Gordon Gekko Saying.......

" Greed For A Lack Of A Better Word Is Good" 

....really set the scene for the rest of my instrumental beat tape.

Download The Greed Is Good Beat Tape

Since this is my first beat showcase with me The Corporatethief Beats highlighting/discussing some of my favourite productions and giving my listeners a view of how and why I make these type of beats,

I will give you the demo download for free. Click Here To Download The Beat Tape

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