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drake smooth r&b type beat with hook 2021 - way down

This is my brand new instrumental inspired by the artist Drake called Way Down. I looped the beat for 10 mins so that any hip hop artists that need to vibe and practice could do so uninterrupted.

beat has a soulful piano which is synonymous with Drakes signature sound. The drum pattern is a bit more abstract compared to standard rnb type drums you might think would normally fit over a piano sound like this.



The drums are more UK drill type drums, which complement that piano sample along with the quick movements of the bass line. I added in various effects and vocal chops to create that lo-fi drake instrumental sound that rappers like to vibe to. 

I am very influenced by Instrumentals featured on Drake's earlier albums like "Take Care", Nothing Was The Same and More Life. Drake's songs like Pound Cake, Paris Morton Music, Teenage Fever, 

"Tuscan Leather" and "305 to My City" are some of my favourite Drake songs and Drake Instrumentals. 

I also added a slowed-down vocal as the hook which makes it easier for any hip hop artist to rap over the verse and let the vocal hook carry the weight of the song. The rap artist can get a proper freestyle vibe with this soulful piano sound.  The Key of this smooth rnb instrumental is Bm and the BMP is at 163. I built the complete beat around the lo-fi piano sound and the follow the same key for the additional elements. 

How Drake's Producer Makes Music For Drake

I found this great article on XXL where the reviewed the Native Instruments interview with Drake's Main Music Producer 40 Noah Shabibb. This extract stood out to me

"When it comes to Drake, my objective is to make the artist the number one priority at any cost. My goal is to make them happy. As much as I want to have integrity in the work that I’m doing, I want to make sure they’re getting what they want," he said.
40 then details how he arrives at his "underwater" sound, saying that he degrades the sample rate and removes frequencies from the top end, allowing the artist to occupy that top end completely, while the music sits below. He describes the process in a way that nobody else would do it.
"It was just me and Drake wanting to do something different and to make a sound that we felt like was unique and it really resonated with people," he said. "He’s also responsible for that simplicity and he’s also responsible for a lot of the sound that I’m heralded as creating but we created together."

Read More: Noah "40" Shebib Reveals His Production Process With Drake - XXL | https://www.xxlmag.com/noah-40-shebib-production-process/

I found the video link here , it's a very interesting interview and it really gives you a vibe for how Drake producer keeps every thing very simple. Keeping any distractions at a distance and not over complicating the music production process.

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