Twitter Music Promotion & Building A Fan Base On Twitter


Twitter Music Promotion & Building A Fan Base On Twitter


In this episode of the mixtape marketing podcast, I am in the third part of the Twitter music marketing series.

I will continue to add more information on how to market your music on Twitter in future episodes.

But for now, this will be the final part of the 3 part series on twitter music promotion.I came across a great tool call SocialQuant.

This helps me build my music fan base on Twitter.This goes back to the follow to follow method that I talked about previously.

This is where you follow a certain percentage of people that you have targeted on Twitter to be your ideal fans.

It's crucial that you obey the previous message that I talked about in the other podcasts about Twitter music marketing.

If you don't do this part of the series and target the right fans, all your efforts will be in vain.


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What is social quant and how can I build my twitter fan base with it?

Socialquant is a really simple tool to you remove the grunt work with Twitter and the follow unfollow method.

It really helps you build the following without having to do the Grunt work based on the keyword research of your ideal fans.You place certain keywords into Socialquant and then it starts to follow certain people based on the targeting of those keywords.

Socialquant also cleans up your following if you've already built up the following naturally. Removing followers that are fake or dummy accounts that have no bearing or that have no interest in your music.

The only thing I have to do is to keep coming back to Socialquant as it gives you a percentage of the conversion rate based on the keywords that you have chosen to target your ideal fans on Twitter.

Some keywords just do not convert into followers so eventually, you are going to have to remove these keywords from SocialQuant.

You need to replace them with keywords that are found online that you believe will help you target the right followers.Keyword lists can include influencers Twitter handles.

Let's say, for example, I target hip hop artists on Twitter and the keywords that I use and handles of mixtape websites like @datpiff @hotnewhiphop @ SoundCloud @ReverbNation.

These are just some of the keywords and influencer handles in Socialquant.

Socialquant will follow the followers based on these keywords or followers of these influencers in my niche.

You can also add in hashtags but in my experience, I haven't found them to convert very well.What I have found successful are one-word key words that I use in my targeting such as CDBaby, SoundCloud, mixtape, on iTunes, musician, rapper.

How to use socialquant to help automate building a music fan base on twitter?

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Bearing in mind that I constantly update the keywords to convert new followers on Twitter.

Socialquant can be very slow to start. This is all down to your targeting and the better you can target the right fans, the better Socialquant will do the grunt work for you.

You can also list certain followers that don't get unfollowed by Social quant. Also, you can add negative keywords to make sure the Socialquant doesn't follow certain accounts that have no interest in your music.

I have placed negative keywords like country music country artists, rock musician, all these kind of keywords in my negative keywords list.

This will help me prevent social quant from following musicians that have no interest in my hip hop music message.

At first, I thought was pointless on putting in negative keywords but after a while, I noticed that social quant was following anyone that use those certain keywords in their tweets, and in their Twitter descriptions and some of these followers had no interest in my hip hop music.

I also noticed that was social quant that it allows you to place in 50 words, I would suggest that you only use about 10 to 15 keywords that are specific to your target audience.

Even go up to social quant does allow you to put in 50 keywords it just never seems to work as well as being a super target with just a few keywords.

It's just as important to figure out who not follow as well as whom to follow when building a music fan base on Twitter. #mixtape

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So it's just important to figure out who not follow as well as whom to follow when building a music fan base on Twitter.

It's also a good idea to check out Socialquant blog.

They provide great tips on how to promote your Twitter account, how to build your Twitter account and how to attract the ideal fan base.

I suggest that if you sign up for their email newsletter, and when you wait five or six days, they will give you a coupon code on the subscription fee for Socialquant.

After some time some keywords will go stale is important to freshen things up with new trends that develop on Twitter. It's up to you to keep in touch with what your fans are interested in.

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How To Start A Website

​This is one of the first music marketing strategies for rappers. Having your own website is like building your own home.

A Website Is Basecamp.Yes, you will need social networking websites to help promote your music as well.

But I fear that too many rappers abandon their own websites because social networking websites appear FREE.

You don’t own or control your Facebook Page.

It belongs to Facebook.You are just allowed to use your Facebook page. Myspace is always the example people use to prove that Social Networking Sites can lose their appeal.

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how musicians can maximise the space that Twitter gives you?


From my experience on Twitter with other musicians and their struggles with building a following on Twitter. I can see common traits that musicians especially rap artists are not using the maximum amount of Twitter real estate.

This includes having a good biography, adding links to your newsletters or website/blog , where people can learn more about you.

I noticed that musicians don't fully use the images that Twitter gives you as well. Like reading a good header image of what you and your music stand for.

Also, I believe it's a good idea to place a picture of yourself in your Twitter biography.

When you are a musician you need to understand that you were a brand. That you are the focal point people will see at all times.

So your images need to be a high quality you can use a tool called canva to help you create nice images for your Twitter profiles that are optimized professionally.

I see a lot of rap artists don't optimize their images for Twitter. This makes them look unprofessional and fans will not follow the unprofessional artists.

Like I mentioned above canva has the right dimensions for each social network so that you can optimize images for each social network.

If you want people to take your music seriously and treat you like a professional rap artist, then you need to make sure that your branding and your images are on point.

I've spoken a lot about how imagery is vital and brand is vital to your success as a hip hop artist online.​

The power of a pinned tweet.

sing a pinned tweet in your music marketing

Some hip-hop artist get confused with their music marketing on Twitter because they don't have a specific call To Action on their Twitter profile.

I've spoken about this many times. Rap artists need to direct their twitter audience to what they want them to exactly do.

You need to ask yourself this question. What do you want your fans to do?

Do you want him to download your mixtape?

Do you want to go to direct them to your website?

Do you want them to read your biography?

Do you want them to sign up to your newsletter?

Do you want them to follow you on Twitter?

So when you figure out the goal of what you want your fans to do on Twitter, then you pin a tweet to your profile.

 It's a good idea to add an image here as they will make it more engaging for fans to click through to what you actually want them to do.

It's also a good idea to place a video here has this will get the most engagement as this is the most area that people will see when they come to your profile page.

If you look at my Twitter profile you will see that my pinned tweet brings my fans back to my newsletter.

This is where fans can download my hip-hop beats for free in exchange for signing up to my website newsletter.

This way I can continue to build rapport with any new fans that subscribe to my email list.I've also used this method to increase my subscribers on other social networking sites.

I do this a lot with getting people to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Make sure it's her fill out your Twitter profile biography as best as you can. Add any links to your website or your biography where they can learn more about you.

I wouldn't put hashtags in your description in Twitter as it will allow people to leave your Twitter profile.


using twitter video to promote your music

Something that has surprised me with my work on Twitter as a musician and I am guilty of this also, is that we have ignored the native Twitter video as a promotional tool for music.

I've started to increase my use of Twitter video instead of just tweets.Most social media sites now are focused promoting their own native content.

So Twitter is more focused and promoting its own video service compared to promoting YouTube videos are Facebook videos.Twitter will give you more reach if you use their native video content over anyone else's video content.

It's hard to Taylor video content for a social network comma so it's a good idea to use syndicate videos to all your social networks.

Don't just upload your music on the Twitter video, you can also use Twitter video to explain and build buzz and hype around the launch of your mixtape, single, music video, and iTunes release.

From my experience of speaking to other musicians about marketing their music on Twitter, most musicians don't practice building height and Buzz around the launch of the music release.

If you look at any successful hip hop musician on Twitter you will see that most of them are building buzz before they even release any music.

Most musicians make the mistake of using the music to promote the should be using the height and Buzz that you build around the launch of your music using Twitter video instead of trying to get the music to promote itself.

Using Twitter advanced search.

twitter advanced search to find influencers in your music niche

Twitter advanced search is a really powerful tool on Twitter.I use this to help me find influencers for Socialquant. I also use it for finding keywords that my audience use from time to time.

As you already know I'm in hip hop music producer and I know my ideal fans are hip hop artists on Twitter.

I have noticed from my research using the Twitter advanced search to the hip hop artists tend to use common keywords in their descriptions on Twitter.

Keywords that include download my mixtape, on iTunes, on spinrilla, on hotnewhiphop on DatPiff, rapper, WorldstarHipHop and rap artists.

These are just common keywords that I have noticed that my audience users on Twitter over and over again.So if you feel that your music sounds like artists like J Cole or Kid Cudi and add similar keywords into Twitter advanced search.

Look for the common similarities between any of the fans tweets and descriptions they have on Twitter.

You can also use the Twitter advanced search for finding influencers and your music niche.

These can include graphic designers of mixtape covers who tend to have large followings these can be musicians that you look up to that market their music on Twitter very successfully.

These are just a handful of tools I use to help with my music promotion online. Check out my link to my resource list below. 

Daniel Hartnett
The Corporatethief Beats 

List Of Hip Hop Bloggers 

list of rap blogs

If you subscribe to my blog I give all my subscribers my hip hop blogs cheat sheet which is a list of 700+ rap blogs.

This list has detailed information on rap blogs and the links to their social profiles.

This is one of my golden nuggets that I give out my blog to my subscribers. I can be very hard grunt work trying to do all of this on your own.

So I would strong urge musicians to get help with any influencer outreach.

Not every music blogger is going to reach out with open arms even if you follow the rules.

Plus most musicians will take it to heart when they are ignored or turned down.

This is the main reason I urge you to hire help with influencer out in your music marketing efforts on Twitter.

Hiring short term help from sites like Upwork and Freelancer or, you will gain that person's outreach experience, and they don’t have any emotional attachment to the music.

So they will just move on until the find influential music bloggers on Twitter that will work with you.
These include trying to network with the big rap music blog’s like 2 Dope Boyz, Uproxx, DJ Booth, Stop The Breaks and DIY CD Baby.

wrapping it up for part 3

Wrap it UpThe main thing you need to take from this Podcast episode about promoting your music and building a following on Twitter is to be hyper targeted with the people you want to attract.

If you ignore this step and in the previous steps of the mixtape marketing podcast all your efforts will be a waste of time.The tools that I mentioned in this episode are only useful if you find the right ways to target the right fans.

If you end up following every Tom Dick and Harry you will just waste your own time and waste your money on the tools that I've mentioned in this episode.You're targeting won't be perfect every time don't worry about that.Focus on understanding that some results are not right and find ways to overcome and change it.

Start targeting the Right fans that will actually have interested in your music.

Social Quant video and Twitter advanced search are only useful tools if you obey the principles above.That's all for today guys check it out in the next mixtape marketing Podcast episode

Also make sure that you check out the Twitter music marketing machines course and the free Twitter music marketing course to help you find the right tools to help with your music promotion on Twitter.

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​We've recorded an 8 Day video series that is available exclusively to my subscribers - you can sign up right here to get instant access. Plus,

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