TubeBuddy Review – Ultimate YouTube Optimisation Tool

TubeBuddy Review 2018 – Ultimate YouTube Optimisation Tool by TheCorporateThiefBeats

Simple Youtube Tool Saves Time Optimising Videos Part 1

Do you own a YouTube channel?

If you do, then you’re probably aware that it won’t make any progress unless you invest a lot of time managing it.

But there are so many things to do from keyword research, making thumbnails, adding and updating info cards, optimizing videos, adding end screens, etcetera to researching stats. And at the end of the day, sometimes you end up accomplishing only one or a few tasks.

Don’t you just wish that somehow there’s a way to make everything fast and virtually perfect?

Well, believe it or not, there is!

With a dramatic entrance back in 2014, the TubeBuddy is a browser add-on that directly arms YouTube’s website with a collection of helpful tools for YouTubers, entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, rappers, hip hop music producers and the lot of you on a journey to promote your masterpieces on YouTube.


TubeBuddy is a simple YouTube tool that helps to make optimizing videos easy.

It promotes productivity and helps you learn from other people's ideas and tips through their virtual community and through their available data and research. 

This powerful and game-changing browser extension allows you to add features to your YouTube channel as well as videos.

Capitalizing on TubeBuddy’s specialty to get your channel and videos into marketable shape isn’t only a breeze, but is also the most time efficient.

Speaking of YouTube marketing, being aware of your viewers subscription or their YouTube browsing frequency is absolutely a huge advantage, and it's now made easy with TubeBuddy by hinting you when to publish or schedule a video upload. Pretty handy, huh?

TubeBuddy also boasts other features like posting your YouTube videos to Facebook and vid2vid promotion wherein you can easily drive viewers of your old videos to your recent uploads and reach new subscribers and viewers. 

The clever tool also includes a share tracker and social monitor to help you develop a strategy for monetizing your beats throughout many social networks.


TubeBuddy is a hoarder of many amazing features when it comes to managing your YouTube Channel.

It allows access to a wider range of audience and the status of your YouTube videos through its built-in detail analysis.

It makes optimization suggestions like displaying a notice that your title is too long.

It notifies you of the videos that your viewers are most interested with, the ones with more engagements and video likes, and viewers who tuned in to your videos.

It's no wonder why it's been making lots of noise in the YouTube community and everyone has been raving about it. It’s perfect for not just beginners but for everyone in the community from musicians, rappers to musically inclined content creators and an excellent tool to manage your YouTube channel and improve videos that have lesser interactions and views.


TubeBuddy also offers another useful web tool—the launch pad.

Its launch pad consists of highly organised and unified set of tools that allows you to upload a checklist, where you can create a fully integrated and customisable to-do list that will guide you during the upload and publish process.

It will also give you an idea of best practice audit which automatically does the checking to ensure that your YouTube videos are following proper guidelines and assists you with easy steps to fix any problems found.

TubeBuddy’s Launchpad helps you find opportunities to improve your videos through suggestions based on analytics data and social engagements. You won't be having problems finding those glitches you've made when you can now actively monitor any best practice issues.

And if there are opportunities available that would help grow your channel and improve your videos better, TubeBuddy will let you know once you run it in your background. No muss, no fuss.

TubeBuddy comes with a feature where you can easily track and check competitors or get inspiration from popular people that syncs with what you’re promoting.

You will be able to look at their videos and compare them with your own, spy on how they get views, their estimated earnings and monthly views without putting too much work analyzing them manually since the data is already readily available and gathered by TubeBuddy for you via its analytics. You can learn more by doing strategic comparison.

You never know what secrets you’ll unlock!

tubebuddy for music promotion
how to use tubebuddy for youtube seo

TubeBuddy also gives you support for backing up your data, which is then stored in your toolkit and becomes your back up video metadata.

You will be able to check mentions related to you, find influential people or even the most searched ones, create scorecards, test videos, and store specific comments or common questions through the comment filter.

So Many Notifications

Scouring YouTube to its depth for interesting and popular trends and sharing them through the platform can inevitably lead to reading comments and answering queries which can become overwhelming, especially when the content receives tons of requests, queries, and chitchats on a daily basis.

Answering all those questions one by one and oftentimes repeatedly can be a nuisance since some questions just repeat due to piling of comments.

Well, enough with those fusses!

Allow tubebuddy to handle everything for you!

TubeBuddy lets you sort those comments and see which ones are related and answer them once and manage your comments quickly.

It's not just a tool but a breakthrough, especially for beginners, entrepreneurs and those in the music industry who are just starting out and making a brand and platform of their own.

With TubeBuddy, they will be able to check the community forum wherein other people talk about different videos, share tips and ideas, and ask questions. You can even share your own.

You can install the free version of TubeBuddy but there are limitations unlike being a paid member which will give you more perks.

And since you'll be able to enjoy a number of additional features, it will definitely come in handy.

tubebuddy for youtube

KEY FEATURES of tubebuddy 

TubeBuddy Review 2018 – Ultimate YouTube Optimisation Tool by TheCorporateThiefBeats

Tag Explorer Tool
 Save time Optimsing Your Video Tags Part 2

When optimizing your video for YouTube search, the TubeBuddy will not just provide you the convenience but the advantage as well.

It is utterly important to know what's popular and what other people want to know before uploading and sharing videos—just like separating the wheat from the chaff!

Firstly, know your audience! 

To be build up an audience, you need to find what's popular by looking for trending searches of words or phrases—keyword research so to say.

If you have musicians, beat makers, rappers and music enthusiast or even music producers as your audience, you would want to look for tags that would attract them.

This can be done by typing in specific tags or keywords related to those phrases to see a summary of the trending tags related to your search.

Then, you create a content around these tags to lure your target audience.

Secondly, by exploring these tags, you will learn what people use to make their videos a clickbait and implement it to your own YouTube video.

Content creators usually lack the know-how when it comes to driving audience or fans to their YouTube channel and videos without paying for ads. 

Using TubeBuddy's tag explorer is a great technique to beat your competitors. 

For example, in a music niche, TubeBuddy’s Tag Explorer can help you grow your own music channel, just find the right audience by copying popular tags that are relevant to your content and improve your rankings in search engine results page.

Such auxiliary tool will also suggest tags that you can use or translate those to give you the keywords that other countries use and are popular and trending in their community.

Furthermore, TubeBuddy's video SEO gives you access to a built-in auto translator which can translate not just your tags but also your description and video title. TubeBuddy auto translator will help you be a part of the global community on YouTube and be able to connect with everyone.

how to promote your music with sniply
Add your call-to-action on any page
Share links and drive conversions
Monitor engagements and track results

In a music niche, as a music enthusiast content creator, you would want to reach other parts of the world and explore their music, their beats, and styles and even want your YouTube music videos to show up as a related video on other videos around the world.

TubeBuddy does all of these for you!

You can also add an excerpt of what the video is all about in description box to make content-related tags. You can include as many tags as you want.

However, adding unrelated tags will just turn your content into spam. 

Optimizing your videos based on how viewers search will increase your traffic, search potential and will help you develop viewership and more interactions easily not just in your country but globally.  

TubeBuddy’s SEO and Tag Explorer Tools can just kill it, actually!

Tube buddy Tips 2018
 How to make Youtube thumbnails Part 3

Sometimes, making an image explaining everything what is in the video and turning it into a brilliant clickbait can be a pain in the ass! 

But TubeBuddy comes with a feature allowing you to generate a thumbnail directly with your YouTube video in the YouTube system by using a picture from a still frame, your stock images or your own uploaded images.

Capture a wider range of audience by creating a thumbnail that pops and just sparks people’s curiosity.

It's also advantageous if you'd incorporate a killer personal photo in your thumbnail so people would know you’re legit.

TubeBuddy - Thumbnail Generator - TheCorporateThiefBeats

When using a still frame, the tool allows you to move the frame to your desired position.

When you’re satisfied with the image you've chosen, you can edit it directly in the YouTube system without using third party software which is also amazing and time efficient, considering you'd need more time creating your content and promoting them than waste it in jumping to different tabs or windows.

Adding text and positioning your thumbnail to your liking plays a vital role in catching your target viewer's attention and working your creativity to really get people’s attention. 

Add a text that is related to your topic in the YouTube video or a promotional pitch that could pop easily and attract your target audience so once it shows in the search engine, viewers will immediately be drawn to your YouTube video, or if you already have a badass title, you can paste that as well.

Play with colors for your background and the layout you want to use. 

Once you've posted your YouTube video, you'd then realize that you positioned your text on the wrong side of the thumbnail. It doesn't look good when it appears in the search engine results page.

With TubeBuddy, you can preview your work and see how it looks like before actually uploading and posting it. You can also use your custom thumbnail to promote your YouTube video on Facebook or Twitter.

On Facebook, you can upload the picture directly and just add your link in the comments section. After all, once you attach the link in your photo, Facebook doesn't promote it. Unlike Twitter, Facebook doesn't mind the links you'd attach.

TubeBuddy's Thumbnail Generator feature is such a helpful tool. It lets you use your thumbnail for providing you a marketing tool that helps you further promote your YouTube videos.

How to publish Youtube Videos to Facebook Part 4

TubeBuddy - Publish Videos to Facebook - TheCorporateThiefBeats

Publishing your YouTube videos on Facebook is easy. You could just copy the link of the YouTube video you want to promote from your YouTube channel and share them with your friends and followers.

But such method does not guarantee you that it will reach your desired audience and catch your target subscribers and viewers who are active on Facebook.

This is because your video will sit still on your Facebook profile.

Yes, it may garner some likes and shares, will have views at first but Facebook will then hinder it from reaching more audience.

Facebook doesn't even promote those YouTube videos since it’s something that could take its users away from Facebook's platform that's why they give any YouTube link less search. 

Unless you boost your post for a fee, Facebook will not help you promote your post and reach your target audience.

There is a clever way to penetrate into Facebook's platform, and this older way is very time-consuming. 

You need to individually download and then upload your YouTube videos for Facebook to recognize it.

But when you install TubeBuddy and utilize its amazing feature, you will be able to upload your YouTube videos natively and syndicate it to Facebook. 

Not only that this cool feature will allow you to promote it on its own but will also help you save time, connect with your viewers, and reach a new audience on Facebook with ease.

You can also schedule when you want to upload those videos and change the headings or check what’s popular on Facebook and then use it to create a good heading or caption for your video.

TubeBuddy really does the job efficiently instead of linking your YouTube videos or uploading it again one by one which could just lead to burning daylight, when you could just use TubeBuddy and upload your videos from YouTube to Facebook.

Impressive, isn’t it?

Tubebuddy How To Bulk Change Youtube End Screens and Cards {Part 5}

One of TubeBuddy's amazing features is being able to perform bulk updates like changing YouTube video end screens and cards with just a few clicks.

End screens and cards are extremely important for marketing your brand on desktop and mobile. They play a great role in reaching your audience and sharing all your YouTube videos and associated websites or links.

No more manually sorting videos to download so you could upload it on Facebook one by one—It's too time-consuming and it sucks up all your patience! 

But with TubeBuddy, you'll be able to bulk added end screens and cards on all your YouTube videos. Updating end screens and cards in all your YouTube videos using

TubeBuddy will replace all your old promotional link to a new one in a much fewer steps.

Video comments change over time and your traffic could be coming from different sources.

Sometimes, adding annotations isn’t necessary or less likely ideal when growing your audience, especially when traffic comes from other sources like your mobile.

Since annotations don’t appear there, you can't use annotations along with end screens or cards, and mobile users won't be able to see it. Thus, end screens and cards are your best friends in catching your millennial viewers who use their phone often because it's portable and more accessible.

Adding cards will give your viewers an option to be directed to another website that you promote. 

Adding info cards by creating templates and applying your template to different YouTube videos will easily link your viewers to your playlist, your websites or courses in your site.

YouTube's Mobile Traffic
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