The Weeknd Type Beat Tutorial {Electro RnB Beat Breakdown}

How To Make A The Weeknd Electo Rnb Type Beat In Logic Pro X

In this video, I’ll be teaching you guys how I created this electro type of beat that is similar to what you would hear in The Weeknd’s music.

 If you want to learn how to create the same beat I made, keep on watching. 

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As you can tell with the mix that I made, there isn’t any defining chorus or verse in it. It’s a fairly simple beat with a simplistic structure compared to the other type beat instrumentals that I usually make.

What it is is an eight bar loop throughout the instrumental, with specific sections that have electro synth interludes and ear candy type melodies. Some of the The Weeknds Instrumentals are very similar to a Drake Instrumental type beats I make.

Making Weeknd Electro R’n’B Type Beat IN LOGIC PRO X

I mentioned this in the video but I don’t think that this would be a single in an album, but more of a filler within an album. It could be a collaboration between a rapper and a singer where the singer would sing the hook at the end of each loop.

The pad and electro sounds set the mood and flow for both the rapper and singer to vibe to. Similar to the vibe that you could get from a Kid Cudi type beat vocal in the hook.

Resources For Making A Weeknd Type Beat

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BPM :103
Key C
Style : Electro Trap {The Weeknd Type Instrumental Tutorial}
Time Signature: 4/4

00:01 Behind The Beat

01:02 Demo Of The Beat

03:10 How & Why I Use The OverDrive Plugin In Logic Pro X

04:15 Bass

06:30 Dubstep type trap synth

07:19 Nice Pad Keys

07:59 Piano Keys

09:10 Melody

11:15 Drums I Use: Outro

May 28, 2022

Making A Bryson Tiller Type Beat

Elements of BEHIND THE beat

I’ll be telling you guys about each and every element in the beat I created starting from the more heavy sounds down to the background hits that still bring the beat together as a whole.

Native Instruments Massive Synth Used : Stalk Stalked

This sound is what you’ll be hearing throughout the entire clip. It’s in massive, which most of the sounds are from.

In this section I also used Overdrive. If you’ve seen my previous tutorials, you’ll understand why. But for those who don’t know why, it’s because I was taught that way and I’ve done it ever since.

I find that it helps me distort the sound until I find the perfect tone to harmonize it with the rest of the beats that I incorporate into this pop trap instrumental.

The weeknd Type Bassline

From the EQ, I cut anything below five hundred Hertz (500Hz) and also anything below thirty hertz (30Hz).

In the video, you can see that there is a dip somewhere in the one hundred Hertz section (100Hz)

The beat is used as a distorted bass of sorts. If you remove the EQ, the sound is massively different and sounds out of place, which is why it’s necessary to fine tune each hit

Loop Fuzzy Buzz

This one is also in massive. It serves as a sort of slight effect in the song, since it isn’t used much in the entire instrumental.

It doesn’t interfere with the bass of Stalk Stalked and more so gives it more of an oomph when it plays right at the end of the loop.

If you decide to use this song, you could use this part with Loop Fuzzy Buzz as an indication of a hook, as small as it is.

English Basement

When you hear this beat, you’ll notice that it sounds like it belongs in a Drake X The Weeknd Type beat. This weird, sort of watery synth that is very much like a Drake hit.

You’ll see in the video that it’s in massive, and that when I show you the EQ, I peaked a lot of the mids, serving as a drastic change with the EQ overlaying it.

If you remove the EQ, you’ll hear that it sounds more toned down and less sharp than it really is.

Bursted Flute

Here, I copied it from English Basement, so the notes are technically the same. The only difference here is the sound of their synths. Again, it’s from massive, and has some EQ in it, but not as much as English Basement.

I just peaked a small part from it and you can tell the difference in the video.

The little bit of EQ that I put in it gives it a bit of life and bounce that you wouldn’t get if you didn’t add any EQ whatsoever.

Flavour Fluffy

Another massive synth, in this one I cut anything below five hundred hertz (500Hz) and placed a little bit of a dip around two thousand hertz (2000Hz). It still has the same sounds from English Basement, only with a different synth on it and different effects added.

This synth changes every four bars, adding different sorts of flavours in different parts of the song so that it doesn’t sound boring to the ears.

It’s a common thing in both trap music and EDM (Electro Dance Music) where they play the same riff or melody, just with different synths. There are multiple ways to do that and this is just one of them. Drake and Future type beats have this type of sound a lot in their music

It makes mixing music much more enjoyable because you have the freedom of being able to create your own trap beats even with the most simplest of melodies with the help of a few synthesizers.

Creating The Weeknd Type Pad Sound & melody

Enjoyed Melody

I’ve really been using the native instruments this time around because this is another massive synth. With this one, it’s heavily boosted around three hundred to five hundred hertz (300Hz – 500Hz) by four dB.

Listening to it, it’s this sort of cosmic string sound. And it’s just some atmospheric sounds that could be included; almost sort of basic in a way. Without the EQ, it sounds much lower and toned down than when you add the EQ into it.

Breathy Vox Pad Sounds

These guys are just playing one note, set to following the bassline. They’re panned to both the left and right, just to give it a stereo feel.

They’re both set to fill up the void in the mix when the whole trap type instrumental is played as a whole.

They could also be considered as a transitional effect since they’re only played at the end of each loop.

The Weeknd Instrumental Drums Breakdown

When playing the kick and snare on their own, they sound counter intuitive and almost like they don’t belong in the mix, but when you include everything else it all fits in together quite nicely.

The drums never really mix in perfectly until you bring in the hi-hats. It gives it the uniformity that the drums can follow. There’s also a little bit of a hat roll every second bar, with the addition of open hi-hats every other bar.

The hi-hats play a bigger role later on as the instrumental progresses, getting into a steady beat after a few bars have passed. The hi-hats usually give the rapper the flow, so that when it speeds up he/she can incorporate their lyrics into it different sections.

I do this so that there’s some difference with the melody and it doesn’t get extremely saturated, especially with this one since it gets very electronic as it continues playing.There’s a nice little gap between the drums to add more flavour and intricacy into the very basic beat.

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And that’s all I did to create this very simple and basic electronic, Weeknd type of beat. If this is a beat you’d like to rap over, then you can get this on, along with more beats that you can find and might want to use in the near future.

That’s all for this article, tune in next time if you want to learn about more ways to creating different and amazing kinds of beats.

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