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This is one of my latest hip hop instrumentals which is called The Prince. The beat is with a similar style to the artists Future and other rappers like The Migos, Drake, Travis Scott ect. 

I looped the instrumental 2x so that you can get a feel for the beat without having to rewind the instrumental. See the instrumental time stamps【00:01】 below for more information about how I laid the structure of the beat down

One of my favourite hip hop albums is Drake & Future album What A Time To Be Alive. Metro Boomin’s beats on that album gave me the confidence to try my hand at making hip hop music. Similar Futures instrumental like "Mask Off" which were also produced by Metro Boomin provided a direction of how to produce beats for an artist like Future

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Beat Key C & BPM 145

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How I Produced This Beat In Logic Pro?

Metro Boomin's and Future's beats tend to be as minimalistic as possible. That Mask Off example I used above only consists of a basic trap drum pattern a sample and Futures Vocals. In my instrumental, I tried to capture that same essence using just a few instruments and samples.

Drums -> The drums are verse basic loop, but with one unique element. If you like to the drums the hats and the drums skip at the end of the 4 bar which give the beat that push and pull effect.

Keys ->  The beat starts with a simple key melody which carries throughout the instrumental until the middle 8. 

Instruments -> The Flute sound provides the beat with that modern trap element that's found in Future & The Migos's music. It also helps define the hook from the verse of the beat. 

Effects ->  . It's pretty common in my beats to use transitions like woosh effects to help transition the beat from verse to chorus. 

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How To Use This For Your Next Project?

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