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pop trap beat

I like this pop beat as it reminds me of the very melodic sounds that Juice Wrld uses in the beats here raps over. 

From the moment "Stay Foolish" starts, it'll make you want to get up and dance. He has a very commercial sound I think that inspired this track- which is why its so upbeat! 

It's got summertime vibes too with an interesting twist of wrapped organ melodies throughout all these trap instrumental beats made for rappers who have bigger pop fan bases than rap fans in their audience."

Instrumental Beat Video - BPM - 160

Behind The Making Of This Instrumental 

The instrumental has a very commercial sound. I think that's where the inspiration for "Stay Foolish" came from, because it is super upbeat and trap-sounding while still having an unique flair to it thanks in part with this wrapped organ melody played on top of all those crazy drums! 

It really does have summertime vibes too which makes perfect sense considering when we were writing these lyrics - people always ask us if they should listen out there or not but well at least now you can tell them why 😉

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