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Soundclick Beats still popular with rap artist’s



soundclick beatsSoundclick beats are still really popular with rap artist’s who buy beats for mixtapes or albums. Soundclick has become dominated by rap beat makers in the last number of years. This makes it one of the go-to places to buy beats online. is a popular website to buy, listen, and to sell beats and music for tons of hip hop producers and rap artists. People from other genres use it too, but the site is most popular hip hop and rap. The beats on this site are original, and anyone can make them and license them through this website.

With, just about anyone can publish their custom beats to the web. It’s a great way to become discovered in the world of hip hop and rap. If people like your music, it will move up in the charts, and if it’s good enough, it can even go viral. It’s just another great way for your music to become huge.

Selling Beats On Soundclick 

If you want to sell beats, it’s not that hard to start selling beats on soundclick. But selling all the time another story. First, you have actually to have made your instrumentals, and else you obviously can’t share anything. First, you will have to create an account, and register as a band and not just an ordinary user.

Most of the producers on SoundClick use both the functions of SoundClick and myflashstore. I am amazed that many of the top producers still use the pay pal button. As with the use of the pay pal button you have to tie to the computer if you sell any beats. This means lots of grunt work emailing beats out to buys which sounds excellent as your making money but setting up a more automatic system using myflashstore seems like the most time-saving option.

You will have to fill in your band name, and you will have to choose the genre that best fits your beats. For example, if your beats do not contain lyrics, you’d select Soundclick beats and instrumentals. If your beats did include words, you’d choose bad SoundClick Hop beats as your genre. There are also sub-genres within the particular genre so you can say precisely what it is you specialise in.

To get approved on the site, you will first have to upload a completely original song. If it is discovered that your beats/songs are not unique, then you will be kicked off the site. Next, you’ll need to choose if you wish to be a free band page or a VIP band page.


Once that’s all done, you can add a photo, upload all your soundclick beats or songs, etc. You can also promote yourself if you want to. There’s also a tutorial available to you if you are still feeling confused. 

There are many different tutorials offered. There are individual tutorials for almost anything that could have you confused. For most of the time, the promo video of the day is the most popular promotion on SoundClick.

There are many different tutorials offered. There are individual tutorials for almost anything that could have you confused. For most of the time, the promo video of the day is the most popular promotion on Soundclick.

These add placements are very popular with the producers on the website and snapped up as soon as they come available. Getting a large number of the adds on the site will put the producer in front of the targeted audience that is interested in selling beats to people who want to buy beats for mixtapes or albums.

Soundclick has its chart system. This chart system is what makes SoundClick thick. Many of the artist on SoundClick are continually competing for this chart space so that they can get their beats in front of the target audiences.

Popular Charts For Soundclick Beats

soundclick website

What Type Artist’s Use Soundclick Beats

You may wonder just who does use Soundclick beats. Well, you may be surprised, but actually, some fairly favourite rap artists and hip hop producers do use the site. 

Some of the most popular hip hop producing companies use to sell and promote beats and to discover new talent as well. Many of these companies have been featured and talked about on many different television channels like MTV. 


They have grown as a business, and now basically all of their producers have become some of the most well-respected hip hop and rap producers in the industry.

They make great beats that even people who don’t particularly like hip hop or rap can enjoy. It is also noted that many well-known hip hop artist like Wiz Khalifa, 50 Cent, Rick Ross, And Snoop Dogg have purchase Soundclick beats from lost of the top beats makers on Soundclick. Anyone ca,n use to become discovered and to get their beats and music out there.  


It’s very user-friendly, and there is lots of help available to you if you ever get confused. You can also make a lot of money on the site. Someone can merely lease your SoundClick beats, or they can exclusively buy them, so the hit is theirs alone.

Most of the leased beats sell for $20-$30 US Dollars, which is around €15-€23 euros. If someone wishes to exclusively buy your hit, on average, it will cost them approximately $300-$500 US dollars, or €230-€380 euros.

Soundclick Vip Page

vip soundclick beat maker


So, is an excellent place for any artist or band to post their music and to hopefully get discovered and make a lot of money. It can work well for any genre, but rap and hip hop are some of the best types to be in on


Some famous hip hop production companies even use the website. It is an excellent way for any hip hop or rap artist to get out there and try their luck in the field of music.




Soundclick is a great platform to sell instrumentals and to buy instrumentals for everyone. But in my experience, if you feel that it is very constricting limiting. You are just left with one web page.
And have a poor SEO score with the lack of text content forces you to remain in the soundclick bubble to sell your soundlclick beats.


While I remain on the website and sell my SoundClick beats, I prefer the freedom of having multiple pages and real site with less competition where the artist can keep their focus on my music and not the thousands of another great artist that make music. 


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