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Selling Beats Online Tip

Selling Beats Online Tip #1: Seed Money Sites Method




I hope you guys are doing well with the beat sales this summer. I noticed that Jeju’s course how to sell beats like a pro is out on a dollar trail today. Great investment for any music producer that is struggling to sell beats.


Beat Selling Tip #1 “Seed Money Sites Method” 

Selling Beats Online Tip


Here is a trick that I do to raise some advertisement cash for my main website. I set up numerous small micro beat sites and sell some beat tapes for on the real low like from $2.99 to $4.99. Each beat tape has 10 beats on it.

I never mention my producer name (The Corporatethief) on these sites I use another alias so that I don’t ruin my main brand. The is nothing wrong with having multiple brand levels just make sure that you don’t mix them up or else it’s a complete cluster fuck for your audience. 


Most of the beats are ok but short and sweet. I use another Soundcloud player and pay pal button underneath. I also add many articles on the site about the beats that I have made and how I go about making them.  


These images below are 2 examples of my microsites. The first one is just a basic WordPress blog that I set up and spoke about the rap beats that are on the site. I monetize this site in many ways from google adsense to affiliate marketing and I sell beat makers beats using the promote beats and then some of the cheaper beats that I have made. 



Seed Money Sites Method



The second image below is an example of my software beat making tips for beginners site. I upload some simple tutorials for the BTV solo software. Most young people cannot afford pro – tools and logic as they are too expensive to make beats with. So I write and demonstrate this software as it’s affordable for the hobbyist music producer and doesn’t take that long to master. 



Beat Maker Game



Building A Seed Money Website In Less Than 15 Minutes 


Blue HostBlueHost :  Most of my websites are hosted on the blue host. From all of the training website courses I have taken Blue Host is always recommended.

Ease of use with one click WordPress install makes setting up a website so easy. It’s cheap and they give great support to their customers.

I would definitely recommend the blue host to anyone that is setting up a new website today.



If you take a look at the video below I will show how you can set up a WordPress website using the blue host in less than 15 minutes. 

You don’t need to know any fancy web coding skill just need to follow the way I do it in the video and you will have your own site today. Good Luck

PS. You might want to watch this video in full screen 



Start A New Website With Bluehost Today Here


Starting A Fan Newsletter With Aweber


aweberAweber: The email marketing system I use is Aweber.This is a great company and I would be lost online without my email list of newsletter subscribers.

Email marketing is a great way to reconnect with clients and music fans I would strongly urge any artist that is promoting their music to start building their email list today with Aweber.



 Start A Fan Newsletter With Aweber Today Here

I like to talk about the beats that I make to generate some interest and for Search engine optimisation purposes. Most of the time music producers just upload beats and go ham on social media. Just upload beats won’t help you to sell your beats you need actually dig deep and promote and market them.

But if you actually write about your own hip hop beats and speak about them on youtube videos google will find your website so much better.


Most of the music players beat makers try to sell their rap beats on are flash-based music player which make it difficult for the search engines to find your hip hop instrumentals. So, for this reason, I would advise you to start a couple of small blogs and just have a small video and description of how you make your rap beats. Trust me you will thank me later. 

These sites generate from $30-$100 weeks and use this money to buy Google PPC ads and email blasts from small hip hop blogs to help promote my main website. I hope this works out for you it. Try and take action today and carry out this seed money sites method today. Don’t rely on other beat websites like rocbattle, SoundClick , beat stars. You don’t have any control over this website, set up and control your own beat websites. 






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