Selling Beats Tips The Ice Breaker Method


Selling Beats Tips The Ice Breaker MethodAnother how to sell beats tip. Number 3 in the beat selling tips series. I call this one the Ice Breaker Method.

Hey whats good guys Daniel here from The Corporatethief Beats again here today with another selling beats quick tip. This tip like the others is an actionable tip that you can carry out and start today. This beat selling tip might seem something small at first glance but once you start doing it you will definitely see the rewards that come from it.


As long as you are doing something completely different to any other beat makers out there on twitter, not begging people to buy beats or listen to your hip hop beats then you are already ahead of the group.


What You Should Learn In This Post

    • My strategy with the auto DM feature on Twitter
    • Inform you of what tools I use for this strategy 
    • How to use this strategy to generate leads with selling beats 
    • How to use these tools to help with selling beats online
  • Ice breaker ideas and how to Implement Them  

Resources Mentioned In This Article and Video : 

Socialomph Application : Auto – Dm Feature For Twitter 

Hootsuite : Social Media Automation Tool

Aweber Mailing Newsletter Software


What Is “The ICE BREAKER METHOD” When You Are Selling Beats On Twitter !!!!

twitter DMI want to talk about the auto – direct message (DM) feature on Twitter and how we can use it to sell our rap beats online. As you might have noticed that most of the rap artists and beat makers are using this direct message for scammy affiliate products and get rich schemes.

It’s a complete shame as you could use it more effectively to promote your music if you just used your head. It is easy to come up with strategies that will benefit both parties. You and the person you want to network with.

This makes spammy use of the auto DM’s to get rich schemes makes you look untrustworthy. Nobody will bother to engage with you. I know that not all of us can be on twitter promoting our music all day and all night. So we have to use some automation tools like hoot-suite to help us promote our messages without being stuck on twitter all day.


Typical Bad Use Of Auto – Dm Feature 

spam dm

So I stumbled across another automation tool called social oomph. This application has tons of features but I only use it for the automatic direct message feature. This is a paid tool but $2:99 a month can’t be breaking the bank. I have come up with a really good strategy that I use with its auto DM feature, as an automatic Ice breaker when people follow me.





Make sure to watch the video instruction for a clear description of how I carry this method out.

I create 3 spin-able messages that go out to the automatic direct messaging part of Twitter using the socialomph app.


dm et up


{ The above image is the spinnable auto dm format

you have to add the bars and brackets for it to work}


The first message will say something generic like :

Are You Working On A New Mixtape?

(General ice breaker )
What Type Of Beats Do You Rap Over?

( Finding a Need: what beats they want ) 
How is your music promotion going?

( Solve a problem or pain using your information articles )


Each of these messages only goes to one person at a time that follows me back on Twitter. This creates an ICE BREAKER for me to get engagement. NOTICE that I don’t add any link to my website here in these auto DM’s?


my auto dm on twitter

I don’t add links because rap artists didn’t click on them FACT !!! (I tested this with bitly links) I just use these messages as an ice breaker with rap artist , It’s up to me then to engage with them and ask them questions about there music and what type of beats they need. Maybe after some discussion I will A: Send them to my newsletter sign up page or B: Send them to a useful article on my site and hope that my Aweber pop up light box will convert them to my mailing list.


It’s much easier to get them to speak to you this way. Just leaving a link in the auto DM feature is a waste of time as they assume that it’s a link to a scam. They won’t click links unless you have engagement with them. After you have had some discussion send them to your mailing list opt-in or an article that will help them. 


It doesn’t matter if you haven’t responded back in a few hours tell them you have to pop out for a bit or you had to get some rest people will understand. To your prospects, it feels like real-time engagement and they will want to speak to you. It’s up to you to have a discussion with them an build a relationship from there.


It’s all about getting that lead on to your list so that you can sell hip hop beats to them time and time again. And this method is not used by anyone out but me so far I haven’t seen anyone use it. Make sure to watch the video to get a better outline of what I have just said in this post.


I hope that this tutorial on how to sell beats helps you out. Remember to all ways try and be different. You don’t have to use the exact phrases I use above. Try and test your own Ice breakers and see what you can come up with. ABT <— AWAYS BE TESTING !!!!  



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