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The Raid My HD Pack is limited edition and is only available until for a limited time only. Copies are limited so this deal might be taken down sooner.

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15 Beats With Commercial Hooks! Pay What You Want Offer!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Commercial Hooks Beat Pack 1

The Commercial Hooks Beat Pack

15 Beats With Unlimited Lease Rights & With Hooks With Unlimited Distribution Rights and ONLY PAY WHAT YOU WANT!!"

  • 15 Completely Untagged Beats
  • HQ Wav & Mp3 
  • Pay NO Royalties - Sell UNLIMITED Units, Stream UNLIMITED Units (completely monetizable).
  • Unlimited Lease Rights
  • 100% Royalty Free Trap Beats, Beats With Hooks ect...
  • Keep 100% Of Your Profits, Royalties, And Publishing!
  • Sell Your Songs On All The Major Streaming Websites Like Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and iTunes.

[Normally $419/ Total value]

Here's A Look At All The FREE
Bonuses You Get When You Sign Up!

Music Marketing Blueprint 2.0

If you're struggling to promote your music online and you are unsure of where to start, then you're in the right place. Most musicians rely on digital assets and web pages that they don't own or control and it leaves them frustrated and overwhelmed.

The Music Marketing Blueprint 2.0 shows you over the shoulder how to promote your music the right way.

[Normally $47 - Yours FREE!]

Instagram Hacks video tutorial

Instagram Hacks eBook / eCourse

The problem is that a lot of businesses just don’t understand Instagram. They are still somehow too set in the old way of doing things, and don’t know how to leverage the unique advantages of Instagram to their advantage.

[Normally $47 - Yours FREE!]

"Self-Made Classic" How To Make A Great Project on A Tight Budget by
Drew Morrisey {Audio Book / eBook}

So how do you rise above the crowd and make a name for yourself? I have teamed up with the legendary Drew Morisey aka How To Rap Drew to provide you with his amazing audio book and ebook for rap artists.

A lot of it is in how you market yourself, a lot of it is in hard work, perseverance, and even luck, but the foundation that all of this must be built on is the same as it’s ever been: Good music.

Before you can even think about getting your big break, you need a project of at least four quality tracks that shows everyone exactly what you’re capable of...And that’s what we’re here to help you with.

Audiobook and eBook by Drew Morrisey aka How To Rap Drew

[Normally $17 - Yours FREE!]

Self-Made Classic How To Make A Great Project on A Tight Budget

Your First 1 Million Views

{YouTube Video Course By Carlin Hines}

Want to Grow Extremely Fast on YouTube? I've created a course guiding you through the steps of earning your First Million Views.

You Will Learn How to:

  • Gain Your First 10,000 Subscribers 
  • Gain Your First 1,000,000 Views
  • Earn Real Money on YouTube
  • Tap into the Infinite Gold Rush of Views
  • Key Performance Indicators of YouTube 

[Normally $87 - Yours FREE!]

Here's What People Say About The Corporatethief Beats

BURN // Hip Hop Artist 

No Doubt These beat packages and the bonus video course are unbelievable"

MarjorieW // Singer Song Writer

Hi Dan ... You're amazing. I got everything. May God bless all of your business efforts!

3ek  //  Hip Hop Artist

"Im glad I found you,hardest producer I found on YouTube,respect"

There are No Shortcuts In SongWriting {Expect This...}

There's a method in songwriting that works again and again…


It's the same path that the majority of successful rap artist's use time and time again...


I’m talking about Beats With Hooks....


The one thing I like about beats with hooks is that it's super quick and easy to get started....you don't need to build a beat or an idea for the hook or even a MELODY!!! It's already started for you...


HUGE pressure off your shoulders...


One of the main reasons I started making beats with hooks is down to the simple fact that it helps the artist to get started... 


"It takes away the Complexity and the Anxiety out of songwriting and places the artist in a much better mood to write songs."


Once the artist can fly through several beats with hooks, they end up with a FINISHED PRODUCT... A product like that of a mixtape, an EP, Album or Content for their Fans. 


This finished product can be used for generating income for the artist via live events {BOTH OFFLINE AND ONLINE}, YouTube Content, Attracting fans to your Merch Stores and Your Patreon Pages. 

Let me know if this happens to you.....

As a rapper or singer, you've gone online to find hip hop beats for your mixtape, album or single.....

Only to find that 95% of the best selling websites are charging between $30 - $200 for 1 Basic Mp3 Beat Lease...

"As you scroll through that music producers beat store, the number of beats and the combined cost all the beats you like starts to dawn on you."

That's a lot of money for any up and coming hip hop artists to fork out, right at the beginning of your music career.

Don't you think...

Well, Here’s The Good News...

Over the past few months, I have spoken to several artists that purchase beats online.

1.The simple fact is that up and coming rap artists don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on beat leases.

2.Artists are overwhelmed by the number of beats they find on beat stores.

3.They don’t know which beats to pick, and this overwhelm leads to inaction.

4. Music producers have Too Many Lease Licenses.

The Majority Of Rap Artists & Singers That Buy Beats Don't Understand What They Are Paying For.

After experimenting price points for years, these beat packs seem to resonate with the hip hop artists that purchased beats from my website.

I Decided To Change 3 Of The Biggest Barriers For Leasing Beats On My Website.

Price, Convenience And Choice......

Rappers And Singers Needed A 
Simple Solution For Purchase Beats Online….

  • ...To Access Beats That Are More Affordable
  • ...A Beat Pack That Provides More Value
  • ...A Beat Pack With 1 Clear Unlimited License
  • ....A Beat Pack That Removed All The Limitations For Creativity And Financial Gain
  • ...Unlimited Distribution Rights So You Keep 100% Of Your Profits and Your Song Royalties. 

And The Good News For You Is….

That’s Exactly What

The Commercial Hooks Beat Pack


Commercial Hooks Beat Pack



The Corporatethief Beats is the production alias used by Daniel Hartnett. Daniel is a hip hop music producer from IrelandOver the last number of years I have taken my music production skills to another level by leasing my beats online while sharing my music marketing experience with my blog readers.

The main goal of thecorporatethiefbeats.com blog is to be a resource site for Rap Artists and Beat Makers that are beginning with their music marketing journey online.

After some time creating hip hop beats I enrolled in the Galway Technical Institute to study Music Technology.  Once I finished this course, I moved to Dublin to attend The Academy of Sound to study music production and sound engineering. 

Here I learned how to work in a studio, using Logic Pro / Pro Tools and analog equipment. 
In 2015 I Completed a 4 year Higher Diploma at The Academy of Sound Dublin.

Daniel Hartnett - Exclusive Beat Maker
Academy Of Sound

As Featured On....

symphonic distribution music
diy musician cd baby

Here's What People Say About The Corporatethief Beats

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Testimonials Proof 1

 Tony F // YouTuber // Rapper 

"Great stuff Dan, one of the most informative and easy to follow videos I've come across on these subject. Thumbs up dude!"

Cash  S.  // Rapper / Song Writer

Yo TCB, listening to these beats I Love it.... U have given great advice over the years that has been really beneficial to me. As a producer and an artist, I thank you.

Big C  // Rapper / Song Writer

"Big fan of yours man... downloaded your mixtape back in 2014 and liked your beats ever since

Testimonials Proof 2
Testimonials Proof 4

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15 Beats With Commercial Hooks! Pay What You Want Offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

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If I Buy This Rap Beat Pack Can I Sell My Song On iTunes, Amazon and Spotify? 

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Simplifying The Process Of Purchasing Beats Online

f you have scrolled through this page and totalled everything that’s included in The Commercial Beat Pack the face value of everything included is $1318.00...

But don't worry you're not going to pay anywhere near that...

No, Not even $500.000

No, Not even $250.000

No, Not even $100.000

!You Decide What You Want To Pay!

When you sign up for The Commercial Hooks Beat Pack, you get all hip hop beats and the courses, all the extremely useful bonuses, without having to spend any extra time OR a ton of money!

Just imagine how much you’d be losing by NOT having all of this amazing content. I have made it super easy for you to get started with your music career.

1 Convenient price and 1 Unlimited Lease License and the additional support of the music marketing courses to help guide your music promotion.

Don't you think today is the right time to act?

How many times can you really fool yourself by starting tomorrow?

Now, because this is the first time I’m offering this, for the next few days, until the timer hits ZERO at midnight...

After the timer hits ZERO, you'll have to purchase all the beats and course individually, and you’ll lose the bonuses!

So get started on your Music Career and Pay What You Want!!!

Commercial Hooks Beat Pack

Commercial Hooks Beat Pack

Instagram Hacks video tutorial
Self-Made Classic How To Make A Great Project on A Tight Budget

[Normally $1318/ total value 

(Today just PAY WHAT YOU CAN)]

*Note: this offer is only available for a very limited time. Get your copy today, to ensure that you don’t miss out!

Your purchase is risk-free thanks to our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Commercial Hooks Beat Pack 1

To get instant access to the BEAT, just fill out the form below when it appears. After your purchase is complete, you'll be given access to our Private Members Area where the entire beat pack and all the bonuses will be instantly available. I'll see you inside!

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The Corporatethief Beats

YB Testimonial
Testimonials Proof 3

Sibonelo Zulu // Rapper / 

Rap Artist

Dan you are one of the best ever, I have used one of your beats and I would love for you to hear what I have done to it. thanks... Sibonelo..


Singer / YouTuber

I love it...These beats Are impeccable man, could definitely see myself on it. You're very skilled bro. I'm a rapper btw, thank you :)