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This is my latest Hopsin style instrumental which has a Dark trap sound to the beat. You can hear a couple of different artists on this one. If you need the demo download link is below.

It seems that they are able to put more emotion into their rap songs when the music has an eerie, scary sound instead turnaround. I love making
dark style rap instrumentals because it gives me creative freedom with how I want my artistes' voices heard - not just through vocals but also through sampled instruments or drum kits played live alongside them on stage at shows as well!

Hopsin is one of my favourite rappers. I have followed Hopsin since he was just posting rap beats and songs on YouTube. The majority of his songs have a dark seedy sound. When he was just 15 years old, the Hopsin began to pursue a career in music. He bought his first microphone and installed FL Studio on an old computer that belonged to one of his friends from school - now known as FruityLoops back then!

Dark Hospin Style Beat YouTube Video - BPM - 145

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November 12, 2021

Open Up – The Corporatethief Beats

How I Made This Dark Trap Type Beat

The beat is built around a couple of different elements. 

Strings - "In the background, you will hear a minor chord string section floats in and out of the mix. This string section is what gives this dark beat its darkness." The strings can be heard continuously on each eight-bar cycle for an additional effect that makes it feel like anything could happen at any point!"The minor chord section in the background sets a dark tone for this trap beat. There are additional strings that emphasize each note, creating an eerieness and haunting sound at regular intervals."

Drums -  The Drums are standard trap sounds. But with this bassline, it has a very dark tone and moves in an unearthly manner to create the perfect harmony for these drums.

Synths - There are various ear candy like melodies and sounds that play various very repetitive sounds. When heard together, they seem to gel the instrumental sound together. 

Ear candy" is a term used to describe the various melodies and sounds that play in an instrumental piece, but when they are heard together it feels like there's more than one instrument playing.

How Can I Download This Beat?

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