Promote your beats with youtube

Promoting Your Rap Beats And Music On Youtube 

Promote your beats with youtube

As of now today I Daniel Hartnett Aka The Corporatethief Beats have over 1600 subscribers and over 563,561 total video views on youtube.


I thought that it might be a great idea to share some of my insights to help you get some traction on youtube. I use youtube a lot when it comes to marketing and promotion of my rap beats online.


Youtube is one of the best ways to promote your hip hop beats online as more and more rap artist are looking to youtube to source great rap beats.

What is Youtube Marketing?


1. First I must answer the question what is Marketing?

Marketing is communication? And Youtube is one of the best ways to communicate your message and music to your new fans. 


I feel that when I started out I made some bad mistakes with marketing my rap beats in the fact that I never showed to my audience who I am. Now I have a lot more videos on Youtube showing everyone who I am and what I do.


I feel that this is the main reason that many artists’s make this mistake when the place their music on youtube and never get any traction. You need to come out from behind the camera and put yourself in front of it.


Every time you make new rap beats and upload it to youtube upload separate video of you speaking in front of the camera speaking on behalf of your new track.


This way you have another video promoting your main video. I also give your channel personality. Showing your audience who you make them feel like they are speaking to you even though you have recorded this video ages ago.



When you go in front of the camera and speak about your music it feels like an invitation to the viewer to listen to your story.


Plus the best part about this also is that if the viewer can see and hear you giving them a call to action. This is where you ask them to like, share or download your rap beats.


When they hear and see this they are way more likely to take action and do what you want them to do. Just having a picture on your music video with no call to action is less likely to get the traction you want.


Note:( Remember that blog/Video post I did on call to actions ) Here is that link to that article: Promoting Your Music With Call To Actions



 Team up with other rap artist’s


2. Another great way to get a good amount of subscribers to team up with other rap artist’s and feature each other on your Youtube channels. This way when some one subscribes to your friends channel the subscriber has the option to subscribe to your Youtube channel too.



rap beats youtube



Description box below the video


3. One area that I feel that many artists do not take full advantage of is that the description box below the video. You be amazed how many artists’s I see complaining that they can’t get any downloads and they never use this amazing space youtube gives you with the description box below the video.



You would be amazed at the number of people that will click all the links in the description box. If you are going to use youtube to sell beats then make you’re that they link to that beat works. 


So place all your social media links and the download link to your song under the video. If you have space then use. Also, try and link another video from there I feel that google and youtube like when you do this.



description box youtube



 Rap forums 


4. Use rap forums to ask for feedback on your on your rap instrumentals and mixtapes. The best thing with rap forums is that youtube like when you make an effort to embed your video on other websites.


So the more forums you take part in and embed your video the more push youtube will give you in the feeds of your subscribers.


You can also use this with Google communities and Facebook Book groups but if I were you I would start with rap forums then google communities and maybe Facebook groups last as FB groups tend to carry a lot of noise and not a lot of traction.


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