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In this video, I show you a trap soul-inspired beat. Similar to the music by Bryson Tiller and Tory Lanez. I think that these guys are super talented. I think that these guys are super talented. But from my initial listen to their music something that I respect about these artists is their drive for achievement.

I wasn't too sure what to think about this beat at first, but after giving it some consideration I realized that the instrumental has a lot of potential. It's not like anything else out there which makes me excited for more trap soul music!

This artist seems highly ambitious and driven towards success - something all successful people should strive toward in their careers I want my audience understand how these artists' drive can lead them down paths less traveled than most so they don’t get stuck stagnant or worse yet complacent.

YouTube Video - Beat - 124 BPM

How I Produced This Instrumental?

The inspiration beat hind the beat comes from Bryson Tiller's trap soul movement. Which has a combination of trap music and smooth electronic rnb sounds? You can hear very similar rap instrumental beats which artists like Drake, Rihanna or Tory Lanez for example are making these days!

Drums -> The drums don't change much but the kick has massive knock that helps cut through that massive sub bass line. The hats have various movements which helps create sutile differences between the hook and the verse.

Synths -> The beat starts with various wide pad sounds and heavily reverb effected female vocal. The vocal has been pitched to the key of the bass line. Ear candy like synth melodies are also heard in the background. There is a lead synth at the end of the hook which helps with transitions. 

Bass -> The bass line is the Trap Soul RnB backbone of the instrumental. In the verse and intro you can hear it's massive sub sound and trap soul like movement. While in the hook it's heavily effected by distortion to create a distinction between the hook and the verse.

Effects -> Various vocal chops and ad lib vocals can be hear in the mix to create that trap soul vibe. 

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