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Rick Ross Instrumental

This is my latest Rick Ross Inspired Instrumental called "Make It". This is a very summertime vibe beat. It started with a chopped vocal sample.

I was going for that relaxed, yet energetic sound you hear on tracks where he raps over lush melodies with 808 drums. Similar vibe beats are heard that are produced by The JUSTICE LEAGUE.

Beats with anthems from all around town including traditional Cuban music mixed into their beats too.

I wanted to make an instrumental for when you want a summer type chill beat, similar in sound and vibe as the one's he raps over in his songs from "Port of Miami 2" which has that relaxed Miami sound.

YouTube Video - Rick Ross Type Beat - 140 BPM

A perfect vibe instrumental for up and coming hip-hop artists to rap over will be in the range of 80 - 100 BPMs. I used a vocal sample that I found on one my old beat packs, chopped it up with some ghost notes and made them play as background effects while we listen!

Drums -> The drums are pretty simplistic and allow the other elements and the rappers, vocals to shine.

Synths -> Through the beat there is a drone-like pad. It plays a simple chord progression and acts as the rhythm section. The hook has a lead sound that creates a melody that helps define the verse from the hook.

Bass -> It plays a simple chord progression in the verse to keep it basic and a more complex chord progression in the hook.

Vocals -> The are a number of vocal chops in both the verse and the hook. You can hear both a female vocal at the beginning and a male vocal in the middle of the verse.

The way I bridged the gap between my ideas and reality was by using samples. Samples are sounds that were originally made for another purpose, but now they work well as instrumental or vocal hooks in music because of their uniqueness to what we hear every day!

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