Lil Wayne Type Beat 👉 Born【100% Royalty Free】

Lil Wayne type beat

Looking for some new material? Check out my latest Lil Wayne Type Beat 2022 called "Born". You can find out about how to download this instrumental by searching under the video

The beat is a modern trap type of instrumental with an catchy hook. I felt this one had some weird vocal samples that gave it more Weezy vibes, but you can't really hear them too much when compared against how busy the rest of everything else sounds- which makes sense since most people would want their song sounding crystal clear instead! 

Plus there are chopped up bits throughout just enough so they don’t get lost among all those other instruments

Lil Wayne Instrumental With Hook - BPM 140 - KEY C


Time Stamp - Instrumental Song Structure
00:01】Instrumental Piano Solo Intro
00:31】Rap Verse - 1
01:09】Pre Hook
01:24】Female Pitch Instrumental Hook
01:49】Rap Verse 2【02:17
Pre Chorus【02:30
Female Pitch Instrumental Hook
03:00】Vocal Hook /Piano Solo Middle 8
03:10】Instrumental Piano Solo Outro

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