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In this modern trap type flute inspired beat, the flute provides a backbone melody to Metro Boomin and Sonny Digital's production. In my music example "Last Chance", I used an oboe sound for its rich texture when rap artist Ne-Yo raps over it during his verse in order provide contrast from more common drums patterns found in most songs today.

Metro Boomin and Sonny Digital use the flute to provide backbone melody in there trap beats. In my beat above "Last Chance", I used a sound from their music as part of this core rhythm for rapping over it.

While opting not only uses more typical drums patterns found on most flute beats these days with emphasis being put back onto how rappers can create memorable hooks through compositional elements within each song rather than simply following traditional verse-chorus structure.


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Artists like The Migos Are well known with in music industry for using flute type beats. Flute beats have become popular with beat makers and rappers for their commercial melodic sound.

Mixtapes are great ways to get an idea of who's listening before releasing more expensive projects or albums; nothing beats getting feedback on something people can actually hold in their hands (or watch/listen too). 

Three of the biggest examples of hip hop industry artists who leased rap beats at the beginning are Drake, Kid Cudi and The Weeknd.

In order for these musicians to succeed in their careers they had no choice but release free mixtapes that would later come full circle with increased demand from fans who purchased singles or albums off those tapes because people wanted more than just what was offered online without a physical copy close by - which isn't uncommon today thanks largely due how quickly music distribution has changed since its inception nearly three decades ago!

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