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This melodic instrumental has a Drake type quality. One of my favourite beats that he's rapped over is "The Language" produced by Boi 1da and Noah Shabibb, with its quick 808 movements providing amazing pockets for the rapper to shine while sailing drone pad in background keeps life moving forward. 

The busy high hats provide just enough percussion so he doesn't get stuck sounding indecisive or uninspired when things start getting too complicated. They help maintain inspiration.

The rap beat gives the artist inspiration to write lyrics and tell an engaging story, based on what they feel in that moment. The instrumentals back then were created from old drum breaks or soul record samples recorded using turntables. But today most hip hop beats are made with digital audio work stations like Pro Tools; Logic Software & FL Studio (which has become very popular).

Beat Video - BPM 147 - KEY C


The quick 808 movements provide amazing pockets for the rapper to shine while the sailing drone pad in the background keeps the life in the beat, while the busy high hats provide the rapper with a flow.

This is my latest fast instrumental beat called Income Sources. One of my favourite Drake instrumentals from the past year, The Language produced by Noah Shabiib has very quick 808 movements and a simple background vocal ear candy that keeps you interested without being overbearing in any way!

This beat has a Drake type of sound. One of my favorite beats that he's rapped over is "The Language" produced by Boi 1da and Noah Shabibb, which you can hear below:
In this passage from his album
If You're Reading This It's Too Late (which was released a few years ago), Drake gives us insight into how it felt when people doubted him. 

After they found out about the release date leak online before its actual arrival date- something we know all too well now since there have been many leaks in music industry. 

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