How To Make A Simple Rap Beat {Logic Pro X Tutorial}

How To Make A Simple Rap Beat In Logic Pro X

Today, I’ll be teaching you guys how I created this simple, chill vibe type of beat in Logic Pro X. I wouldn’t call this a single or a hit song that tops the charts, but more of like an album filler. The beat is the kind that could be use with spoken word type of hits from rappers like Kid Cudi.

It’s one of the easiest beats I’ve ever created yet. I created this beat so that you can see that even a beginner can create an amazing, yet chill kind of melody with the right kind of sound selection. Don't for get to check out the previous The Weeknd Type Beat Tutorial 

Beat Making For Beginners { Logic Pro x Rap Beat Tutorial}

Being honest, it isn’t one of my favourites, but I did pick some seriously weird sounds that really provide that chill vibes element to the instrumental.

The title of the instrumental is called “Don’t You”, and it runs at a smooth pace of one hundred and fifteen beats per minute (115bmp).


Time Signature 4/4
BPM : 115
Type Beat : Kid Cudi Instrumental / Chill Vibe
Type Beat
Software Apple Logic Pro X

00:02 Story Behind Making The Beat
01:10 Instrumental Introduction
02:44 Your Organ House Sound Selection Process
03:01 EQ
03:40 Pads
03:56 Double Sub Bas
05:08 Main Hook Sound
06:12 Drums { Drums I Use : }
07:14 Hook
9:23 Beat Outro

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Elements of chill type beats

Your Organ House Synthesizer . This is an Massive Synthesizer that I found. It serves as the intro of the song and this simple chord progression continues on throughout the entire song.

I went a little aggressive with the EQ in this song, and you’ll notice that with every other sound that I included in this melody.

Everything below one hundred hertz (100Hz) was cut and on the other end, everything below one thousand hertz (1000Hz) was cut as well.

You can hear some bass in there, so I stuck some spread and EQ to get rid of it because it sounded off and I just didn’t want the sounds to clash with one another.

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A Pad For Pluto {Kid Cudi Pad Sound}

Massive synth, this pad progression can be heard in the song in specific locations. It doesn’t run through the entire song like Your Organ House and only plays within certain parts of the instrumental.

Again, I went aggressive with the EQ here. I cut everything below five hundred hertz (500Hz), and drastically boosted at around +5.5dB, or around two thousand hertz (2000Hz).

I can’t exactly call it a hook, but it serves as a transition of sorts for the rapper so that he/ she has some indication of where next to rap or where not to. There really isn’t a hook in here anywhere, but this pad sound can be a good marker for one.

Deep Sub Bass -> Another Alchemy synth, this sound serves as the bass of the song. Just like A Pad For Pluto, this sound is placed in strategic areas so that the bass isn’t always heard in the song.

The EQ in this sound isn’t as aggressive as the previous two, with only having everything below one thousand hertz (1000Hz) being cut, and originally having everything below one hundred hertz (100Hz) being cut, but I changed it to having it cut below seventy-six hertz (76Hz) instead, since that’s more commonly used.

The sound is a very abstract but chill beat that really lets you relax when you listen to it.

There’s also a parallel compressor on this sound that I added. It gives it a better effect and without it, it would sound plain and uninteresting. Adding the parallel compressor, I went aggressive again as I was with the EQ in the first two sounds that I mentioned.

It’s set with negative two decibels (-2dB), put on a twelve to one ratio (12:1), added a soft distortion on it, and placed Vintage FET on top of it all.

Cosy Cose A Massive synth, this sound plays in short moments in the instrumental. It’s a weird, reversed, sort of elevated sound that reminded of Kid Cudi and also School Boy Q, which is why I included it in the instrumental.

I added some EQ and Spread in this to help with the weirdness of the sound, making it more weird and a little interesting at the same time.

The placement of this sound in the instrumental is very strategic. I put it in some places and then took them out in others so that it doesn’t get boring listening to this tune over time.

How To Make Drums In A Simple Rap Beat

Now, onto the drums.

The rhythm of the drums are pretty basic, much like the entirety of the chill rap instrumental, but that doesn’t mean that it sounded great when played together with the other instruments.

I created a pretty simple kick and snare combo and repeated throughout the entire melody. I did take it out of some parts for added creativity, before putting them back in to continue giving you the finger snapping, toe tapping, and surface bumping melody.

There is a compressor in this sound. I used a parallel compressor on the kicks, setting it to negative twenty decibels (-20dB), giving it a fourteen to one ratio (14:1), and placing Studio FET on it. This gives the kicks more oomph and it sounds much more bland without it.

I didn’t do much with the snare, apart from using it in the kick and snare combo that you can easily follow along to.

There is some reverb in there which adds a nice touch.

The hats are an added touch to the drums. It gives it more life to the sound, and helps the drums blend into the whole instrumental. The drums as a whole, would sound bland and almost dead without them.

As I mentioned before, this instrumental is set in one hundred and fifteen beat per minute (115bpm), which is pretty quick for a boom bap beat. It’s not really the old school boom bap that we know, and more of a new school, more modern kind of boom bap.

It’s somewhat bland and boring, and very basic of a beat for a rapper, but with the added crisp drum sounds mixed in with this simple rap instrumental, it helps bring the whole thing to life.

Make sure to spend a little bit of time picking out some very weird sounds, so that you’ll find the unique hook that will make people listen.

If you try and listen to any hip hop beat now you will hear the at least one or two very distinct sounds that make the beat stand out from the crowd compared to simple boom bap beats that just don't get the airplay these.

The chopped up sample beat sound has become too familiar and doesn't have that unique favour that rap artists are looking to stand out in a very noisy industry.

That’s all for this article. Hopefully this helped you in learning more about creating a very basic, but still it another rap instrumental tutorial that you can rap over or just chill to. If you’re a beginner, this should be very helpful in your journey.

Tune in next time for more tips and tricks in creating amazing beats. Click here to Check Out My Bryson Tiller Type Beat Tutorial

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