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Hard Trap Beat Instrumental - Tease Download Trap Beats - BPM 160

My Hardest Trap Beat instrumental is track called "Stay Foolish". This type of song has a very unique, off kilter melody that's mixed with simple ear candy one shots and vocals. The 808s are constantly moving making it easy for rappers to freestyle over this beat!

This type of song has a very unique burst flute melody combined with simple ear candy one-shots and vocals in the background. The 808s remain constant as well, giving rappers an open playing field for freestyles over this awesome beat!

Hard Trap Beat Video - BPM 160


If you like the style of Rae Sremmurd or The Migos, then this is perfect for your next rap song. You can find out all information about lease rights and demo mp3 download by clicking on drop down menus below- just make sure to fill out an application with us if needed!

We're always here ready help should any additional questions come up so don't hesitate contacting us today!"

If you're looking for a rap beat that will make your flow come alive with its catchy, fast-paced rhythm then this is the perfect track. Right now I have over 250 different instrumentals in my store which means there's one to fit any type of rapper.

From those who want something lighthearted and fun or heavy on contentment all the way down through more laid back folks like myself!

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You can find out everything about them by clicking below including how much each download costs as well what kind of lease rights are available depending upon if it has an vocal chopped sample attached too plus lotsa other important information so don't miss out. 

Let's get you started! Even if you don't have you beats already, we have over 250 + 100% royalty-free trap beats at your disposal.

Mixing it up and creating different types of instrumentals like pop, rnb type songs is what our team does best so if this sounds interesting to you then keep reading below for some information on how to find or purchase high quality instrumentals from us as well other ways in which will help take your music career one step closer towards success.

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