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This is my latest Kid Cudi Instrumental called "Game Over". 

I have been a massive fan of Kid Cudi since I began making beats. Cudi has to be one of my biggest influences and how I got started. The very first beat I uploaded online was a Kid Cudi Instrumental sadly I can't remember if I even had a name :-).

Cudi has always had a commercial sound, but yet his music has always been so different and abstract. I wanted to produce a hip hop instrumental, that if I were a producer for his Man On The Moon Albums, what would I make. 

On his most successful album, Man On The Moon: The End Of Day Cudi had some great producer's like CradaDot da GeniusEmile, HaynieJeff BhaskerPlain PatRatatat all of which became influences in my music. 

Hopefully, if you are a fan of Kid Cudi you can hear the influences that I have in my music from Mr Solo Dolo. 

YouTube Video Beat 85 BPM

How I Made My "Game Over" Instrumental?

Drums -> The drums are spot on here. With the beat having some much reverb and delay, this beat should have been a bitch to mix. But the drums just cut right through the mix with very little post-production. This Cudi instrumental has one of the best drum tracks that knock out of all of my beats. The hats and the perc sound really make this beat sound amazing. 

Synths -> I added in various drone like synths and they are heard in more sections of the verse. The bass towers over the mix and complements the drums and the guitars so much. 

Guitar -> The beat starts out with 2 Guitars riffs that are drenched in Reverb. One guitar acts as the rhythm section, while the second guitar play's a melodic riff. Both Guitars are the BOHEMIAN BACKBONE which gives this beat its aura.

Effects -> I used a female vocal chop and pitched it to the Key of the guitars so that it would at the haunting mood of this instrumental while building the suspense. There are tons of effects in this beat, and I am still shocked that the mix is so clean. You can hear delays on the guitars and the drums and the vocal chops. The beat started simply with a guitar riff that I made up a while back. But it was very bland and boring, so after several hours of manipulating the song's instrumentals to create effects for them--I layered trap drums on top!

So I added several perc sounds which create the whole structure of my beat. Now that it had depth, I knew there was something special about this track! The pitched vocal just helps define what's coming in each verse; without its contribution he would lose interest fast on these long songs like ours are usually determined to be...

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