Freestyle Type Beat ᐉ Day Dream ᐉ【Drake Instrumental】

The latest Freestyle Type Beat that I have produced is called "DayDream". Which is more of a lo-fi Drake freestyle Instrumental. Similar to instrumentals that can be heard on Drake's Scorpion Album.

Daydream is a cut from the Drake instrumental cloth. It features an old school, yet modern freestyle beat that will have you lost in its verses and hooks!

This beat is more influenced by freestyle boom-bap type beats that Drake tends to do storytelling rap with. With a more serious under tone and mood. Again, this has an element of freestyle with storytelling lyrics and deep beats to make you feel like you are in the moment.

YouTube Video - Freestyle Instrumental - BPM 92

How I Produced This Drake Freestyle Type Beat Called "Daydream"?

With its laid-back piano accompaniment and boom-bap drum pattern, "Daydream" is perfect for freestyle vibing when you are suffering from rap writer's block. The track draws from old school vibes with Drake influences that will have you feeling nostalgic.

The beat its self is pretty simple with some additional processing to give it that sampled beat sound. If you want to use this beat in your mixtapes albums and singles use the link above. I created a 10-minute beat loop to give an artist that wanted to rap over the beat a chance to vibe to the music and see if they can come up with any lyrics for this beat.

Drums -> The drums are standard boom-bap freestyle drum patterns. 

Piano -> The graceful piano is heavily filtered with delay and reverb. I also cut of a lot of the high frequencies to give the instrumental that lo-fi freestyle vibe. There are a number of Drake Type beats that use this type of piano sound.

Bass -> The bass line drops in and out of the instrumental. I use the bassline to make the hook more defined from the verse sections. The bass doesn't overpower the beat it just glues it together.

Choir Pad -> I added very low choir pad sounds in sections that I would call the PRE HOOK. This gives the chorus of the instrumental more power over the open verses.

Effects -> The piano bears most of the effects while I add slight vinyl noise in certain sections to give it a boom-bap shine. Also, I added in a low pass filter near the middle 8 just so the rap artist could create the bridge of the song.

A classic hip hop beat can be heard alongside a lonely melody played on an acoustic instrumentation with simple effects such as reverb added to give it more depth than if there were no delays or echoes used at all - creating something beautiful yet still edgy enough so we don't get bored easily while listening!

This track has a freestyle beat element to the instrumental. Throwing the lyricist deep into storytelling lyrics with an old school vibe, I filtered piano and played around with reverb effects for that extra something special!

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How To Download Freestyle Instrumentals Like This For Profitable Use?

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Alternately now you can just scan the QR code and it will take you directly to the beat player. Feel free to drop your freestyle lyrics under the video, the beat is long enough to get a good vibe for it.

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