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Storytelling beat

This latest Storytelling Inspired Instrumental is more of a laid back smooth jazz type instrumental, similar to the kind you can hear J Cole rap over. It's perfect for rappers who want their lyrics and rhymes on an event in their life or some other form of story-telling.

With influence from J Cole's previous work, I wanted to make a very simple soul jazz freestyle instrumental for any rapper. The melody should stand out for it to be more radio-friendly and catchy!

The rap game is all about creativity, and these up-and-coming rappers know that constant hooks are important. They like the jazz-soul style because it allows them creative freedom without limits on what they can do with their flow!

The constant hook through the story teller beat without too many changeups can make a rapper more creative and allow them to flow with ease. I looped the beat below in the video 3 times so that you can vibe to the instrumental before you decide to purchase lease license. 

YouTube Video - Beat - BPM 92

How I Produced The "Freestyle Freedom" Beat?

With the launch of J Coles KOD and in particular his "1985 track" with is a very simple more aggressive boom-bap instrumental.The use of sound and silence in the rap song "To Pimp a Butterfly" by Kendrick Lamar is one way to make an impact.

The track's intro includes loud drums with no vocals, which creates suspense for what will happen next; then there are sudden shouts when K Dot comes on beat again-a more simple technique than others we've heard so far but it still packs quite a punch!

DRUMS -> The drums have a standard boom-bap old school vibe. The snare has very natural drum sound and in verse section in the verse I changed the snare and kick up. Removing them in sections to emphasize the sax. If you listen close the close the hats have different movements in both the hook and verse. 

SAX -> The SAX lead is the CREAM of the beat it just sails in and out of the mix creating the Storytelling hip hop vibe. While it dominates the core of the beat it's so elegant it doesn't over power it for any rap artist. 

KEYS -> The keys are a simple rhodes piano with slight chorus and reverb which give them that smooth jazz sound. 

BASS -> The bass line is pretty cool every 4 bars the bass line completes the chord structure riff. It compliments the kick drum and the rhodes piano so well. 

EFFECTS -> The stand out effect is the low pass filter in various sections of the verse. Creating a reflection period in the beat for any rapper to vibe over. You will also notice that I add vilyn noise to give the beat some old school rust. In various section of the verse you will hear the harsh industrial sound like a viynl player skipping, but it's warped piano sound that hit on the end of every 2 bar. 

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