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Trap Beats Instrumental – The Corporatethief Beats | 100% Royalty Free Trap Beats

Were you searching trap beats instrumental on Google? Bet you didn’t find what you were looking for. At The Corporatethief Beats, I have highlighted some of our trap beats instrumental that we have on our website. If you want to use our music in your albums singles or music videos you need to purchase a lease license.

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What Does It Mean To Lease A Beat? {Guide For Buying Beats}

Leasing a rap beat is similar to renting a piece of music from a music producer for a certain length of time. You can purchase a lease license for that rap beat from that beatmaker. This a much cheaper option of buying rap beats from music producers online. It also narrows the risk which most rappers will face when the launch their music career for the first time.

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Where Can I Download Free Rap Beats ? | The Corporatethief Beats

When most hip-hop artists get started rapping they need high quality rap beats for free just to see if they can write songs to these chosen Instrumentals. The main reason rappers like to start with free rap beats is so that they don’t end up spending a ton of money of instrumentals that they don’t end up using or that don’t inspire them.

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