Beat Showcase #2 Instrumental With Hook: Wonderful

Instrumental With Hook Wonderful


Instrumental With Hook WonderfulBeat Show Case Instrumental With Hook
Beat Name: Wonderful
BPM: 115
Produced By: The Corporatethief Beats.
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When I first came around to producing this hip hop beat called “Wonderful” I had a couple of different types of rock songs in my head that I wanted to sample. I think the original inspiration came from beat battling on A lot of the beats in the beat battles tend to be heavily sampled and chopped beats. But I wanted to be able to compete with the other beat makers on the site but also keep an element of song structure for an artist to use too.


Sometimes beat battlers tend to only produce the beat for the beat battle {which is a good strategy}. I prefer to make songs at the end of the day. Always making room for the artist to shine and rap over. I really liked what Kanye had done to create “Never Let You Down”, where he sampled Blackjack’s “Power Of Love”. But as most producers know it’s not that easy to find a perfect sample that can be easily filtered especially well-produced rock songs. It’s easy to get a sample at the start of a song where you don’t have the bass line or the original drums distracting from your idea’s for the sample chop.

I also got real inspiration from Eminem And Lil Wayne’s Track “No Love” Produced By Just Blaze. I really liked how Just Blaze used Haddaway’s “What Is Love” to create a beat with a really catchy hook for them. I decided to use the sample for my rap beat from the “Logical Song” By Supertramp. Like JB’s beat, I wanted the original song to create an instrumental with a hook but still have dark elements, where an artist could tell a story that ties in with the hook made from the sample.

Unlike that of what Kanye does to samples where he pitches the sample to bend the time to the beat to give a hipper hop time structure, I decided to use flex time with-in logic to keep the track at its original pitch but still have a hip hop type drum structure. I used some drum sample kits that I have collected over the years from being on forms like Myflashstore, rocbattle and Also using some drums from The Producers Choice and Hip Hop Heat.

The bpm of the beat is at 115, and I used various synth’s from with Logic Pro. Most of which included, Ultrabeat for the drums, along with the ES1 / ES2 synths. I chopped up the sample for the beat using the scissors tool. I used that organ sound from the original sample along with a dark baseline to create the verse. Dropping in and out the drums along with using the vocal sample to make the hook for the beat.

The hip hop instrumental here has a structure like this intro/Verse 1/Chorus Hook 1/Verse 2/Chorus Hook 2/ Bridge / Outro. This beat has been by far one of the most popular beats that I have produced since I have started making beats. I like making hip hop beats with hooks sometimes, only when I have the right idea or sample to make the type of beat that I will be happy with. Sometimes I feel sampling can be very restricting in a number of ways. Some include original percussion in the sample, the timing of the sample, and uploading and promoting that beat with a sample can be a nightmare. Which is one of the reasons I don’t make remixes anymore?

A lot of beat makers that sample tends to listen to a lot of old soul music making it easier for them to find that perfect sample. I grew up with rock music influences which makes it easier for me to find a rock song to sample over rather than using soul music. That’s why I was always proud of this beat as it came out exactly as I wanted it too. And it still has that element of the new school but a real storyteller. I feel that Hip Hop artist are always referring back to the good old days, which makes it relevant for the hook in this beat. “When I was Young life it seemed that life was so wonderful”.

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