5 youtube channels to help with your music marketing

This is a blog post about Youtube channels that will help you improve your music promotion and music marketing. As we all know that information is power and I frequently get asked in emails where do I get my marketing information.

So I have highlight 5 youtube channels that really can help you improve your music marketing education and can teach you a thing or two about music promotion and tools that can help you get your music out to the people who you want to hear it.

So of these channels include Renman, Artist House Music, Midem, Video Creators and Jon Loomer. Each has its own use and teach different areas of marketing online. The main reason I am doing this blog post and video is that I can guarantee that you will get good information from these youtube channels.

There is so much good information out there I just want to make sure that you guys get it from a good source.


Renman Youtube Channel 

Renman Music Marketing

Renman is a Youtube channel set up by Steve Rennie and his channel is dedicated to music promotion and music business. Steve is a music manager of the various band in the music industry but he is well known for is work with the American rock band, Incubus.

Renee has over 30 years experience in the music industry as a concert promoter, record executive and artist manager. I like his tag line for his web show “ how to learn about the music business start hanging out with smart people in the music business”.

His channel has tons of music promotion tips and talks about how others are promoting their music. Along with that he also finds new technologies that people are using to promote their music one of which I found was Jamplay.com a site that helps you turn your fans into a marketing machine.

He also interviews industry experts and get’s them to share their expertise in their receptive fields and what current marketing trends they have been using to promote their music online. What I really like too is his ask renman section where artist asks him questions about their struggles with the music business and advice that they should take.

I have outlined a video that I really liked watching and he covers a lot of ground in this video. It’s a really long video over an hour long so if you don’t have time right now to listen to it try checking it out when you have some free time.


Artist House Music 

artist house music


Artist house music is a non-profit music organization, the main aim of the music foundation is to give young musicians guidance from music industry experts and resources. It’s sort of like an open university with mini-lectures on different areas within the music business.

Artist House Music’s Youtube channel is a little more old school compared to Renman’s Youtube channel and can come across as very music business but it will really give you a great education on explaining complicated music industry terms.

Like music, publishing is not easy to wrap your mind around but there are ton’s of interviews here from industry experts that speak about it.

The main thing here is not to binge on the information here because there are so many videos here it can be very easy to get overwhelmed. Take some small bite-sized chunks of the videos within the channel.

The video example I have provided here is actually a playlist with George Howard and his guide to how to be successful in promoting your music.


Midem Youtube Channel


This channel is an amazing resource for new aspiring musicians. Midem is a music industry conference that happens every year in Cannes in France. It’s where music industry leaders, brands and technologies all come together in one place to figure out new solutions for the music industry.

While it, may not be an option for most of us artists to travel to Midem and take part networking with these people, it is amazing that you can still get all the knowledge from the speakers in the Youtube videos.

The channel provides news of up and coming trends and new technologies and how record companies are using these tactics in their marketing. Some of the speakers here are top record label executives and they speak about how they are marketing their artists.

One of the videos I have highlighted here is an interview with Benjy Grinberg who is the owner of Rostrum Records, the record label behind Wiz Khalifa and Mac Mill. I like the way here in this interview Benjy speaks about how he was able to hire small sections of the marketing departments that belonged to the big labels in order to build up awareness for Wiz Khalifa.

He also talks about how he was able to boot trap his company at the start using social media. Explaining that he was unable to do traditional marketing to radio like that of the major labels so his only option.

I find it very funny that he mentions here that video will become more prominent in marketing. Wiz Khalifa channel’s on youtube heavily used videos at the start of his career. This is how I actually discovered Wiz Khalifa.

Watch all his tour video clips is interesting content with being over promotional -<- Handy tip right there for your music marketing.


Jon Loomer Facebook Marketing Channel

Jon Lommer

This channel is set up by internet entrepreneur Jon Lommer. It’s dedicated to helping people understand how to use Facebook as a marketing platform.

This channel isn’t related to music in any way but this channel has been my go-to source for the past few months for tutorials on how to use Facebook more effectively as a marketing tool.

I will warn you that some of the stuff he teaches isn’t easy. He places emphasis a lot on the importance of testing advertisements.

Facebook can be an incredible marketing tool to help you with your music marketing but unless it used wisely you will just waste a lot of time and money in the process if you don’t understand what you are doing.

The main reason I put this channel in here with this list is that. out of the social channels I use Facebook is my least popular. You always have to pay to play with Facebook. But I understand that it holds the key to my audience and I need it in my marketing in the future.

Some of the features Jon speaks about here is the use of the Facebook power editor for placing ads on Facebook and getting the maximum results from your ads on Facebook.

This video here I have hight lights a great way for you to target your email list subscribers in a sponsored story.



Video Creators  Youtube Channel With Tim Schmoyer

video creators

All of you know now who read my blog understand how much I love using Youtube. Youtube gives me more results than any social media channel out there. Most of you who are reading this post right now may have even found my site because of my beat videos on Youtube.

The video creators channel is one of my go-to sources for information about new marketing tricks related to Youtube. The channel is set up by Tim Schmoyer. He also has an SEO channel too but this video channel has much more benefit to your music marketing promoting your videos on Youtube.

I really like the way he has set up his channel, as most of the content he creates is from questions put to him from his audience. Actually trying to solve the common problems most of us have with our Youtube channels and sharing his expertise with his audience for that particular solution.

I have highlighted a video playlist here with some of his best videos talking about how to gain new Youtube subscribers


Like I said before there are so many videos here information to help you. DON’T OVERWHELM your self with information. Bookmark this blog post and any time you feel like you don’t know what you should be doing take a look at the videos here for some inspiration.

I hope that these Youtube channels will help you out I watch all of these channels every week to keep me updated with new ways that I can promote my music online and inspire me to help others with my music and blog.

If you have any questions about that article or the video blog hit me up and I will do my level best to answer your question.

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