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4 music marketing blogs you should reading

4 Music Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading


Music Marketing Blogs

I have outlined some of my favourite music marketing blogs here in this post. If you come to my blog a lot, you will know I use my blog to share all the information that I learned about music marketing with my audience.



My blog is like the free content I give out to my subscribers and my music is the paid content. Having a blog is a very powerful tool for my website and after Youtube, it is my best source of traffic which I get from the search engines from the content I have written.


It takes a lot of time to write content and to test out other people music marketing ideas. Some blogs have complete garbage that just plain out doesn’t work. That’s why I only post here when I have something very valuable for you to learn too.


This post here will show you other great music marketing blogs that I have found online that have great music marketing information. I really separated the wheat from the chaff here.

Some of these blogs might not look the best in glittery design. But the content is quality and more often than not, from real musicians that have tried and tested their own music marketing methods. Take a look at the list. 




Since my website and my readers have a common ground of hip hop I thought I would start with this resource list with a hip hop music marketing blog called Praverb.net. This site is written by Patrick McNease. The first thing I will say about this blog is that it reeks of hard work and graft.


You can tell that Patrick really puts serious effort into his blogs posts. His site is perfect for us hip hop heads and this article really relates to our needs as hip hop musicians. Not only does he compile lists that would be good for his audience but he also created these posts for himself to use too, so you they are good.


This site has tons of great quick lists of rap bloggers, music industry sites, music marketing blogs, podcast shows, Cheat sheets, sites to submit music too, interviews with artists and his own tips too.



This has saved me countless hours googling hip hop blogs and only finding dead blogs! Having half the work already done for me is amazing and all of his content IS FREE!!!


This music marketing blog is what I aspire my blog to be like for my readers (and video watchers). 1 one word that I really wanted my blog to be is USEFUL !! 1 And Praverb.net is all that and more. A must read if you are promoting your hip hop music or others.


Here are some of Patricks best posts

Blogs List 


Online Radio Stations List 


Tips For Getting Blog Coverage 



2 Musicthinkthank.com

music think tank

This site might not be the prettiest music marketing blog online, but if you have done any research on music marketing you will find that they pretty ones tend to have a lot of air, fluff, and Bs.


There are tons of great articles here and it’s not your typical run of the mill type of music marketing. It’s more like a hub for a lot of musicians to share there music marketing expertise and experiences.


Not only do they post relevant research on their method of music marketing they do what I like to read condensing large qualities of marketing information into certain articles so that it will relate to musicians.


It highlights what good information is and only keeps what we need to know. Not only giving you individual case studies of music artists but what we should be preparing for in the future.


Some of the best guides are here, idea’s for music monetization, social media, music marketing strategies for rap artistsapps we need, business plan templates, Guides to AdWords, PPC marketing, Press release sites, video marketing and content marketing plans.


Even though the site isn’t laid out like these new WordPress 3.0 sites that are used these days, the site does have something much more to offer us and that is quality content. From like-minded thinkers and people who carry out these tasks each day.


This site can be a bit overwhelming when you first land there but just take an article every couple of days and you will definitely be much more informed to tackle your music marketing in the future.


If you are looking for a hub of music marketing advice then musicthinktank.com is a place where you should start.


Here are some posts that I liked on musicthinktank.com








3 Musicmarketing.com

music marketing podcast

I really like this music marketing blog as David Hooper the blog owner has worked in the music industry and has a real markers mind when it comes to music promotion. The site also has various articles from musicians and music bloggers. Posting in their information and experiences with music promotion both on and off online.


The guest posts on this site tend to be of quality. David looks outside of the norm for quality content. Compared to the many cookie cutter blog posts that can be seen in much lower quality music blogs. These other sites tend to just write any kind of waffle just to have a post a day on their marketing calendar.


Id love to run my blog like this too. If I don’t feel like I have something of value to write then I will wait until I have something that is worthy to share with my readers.


Musicmarketing.com has a podcast too which is a nice plus. As these days I find that I take information in much better with audio, rather than a big long as a blog post.


(FYI No I am not too lazy too read the long post, I feel this content sits better in my head for me to act on. Rather than a long post which can cause huge overwhelm)


You can tell by the way the blog is laid out that it comes from someone who is a podcaster. If you look at some of the headlines of the posts here they have a tendency to be head-scratchers. Really questioning what we are doing with our marketing.


It’s a very psychological music marketing blog that really relates to the mind of the musician. Writing a lot on the fears we have and the broke mindset that needs to be cast out of our heads. Just look at all the blog posts that I have bookmarked on my Pinterest wall from this site his subject headlines are a genius when you think of it.

Example: 851 Tickets Sold – What To Do When Your Gig is Empty

There is a nice balance on this website between offline and online. You can tell that he is really careful what articles get published on the website and if they correspond with the overall theme of the site and the people who read it.

Understanding the need for a lot of offline strategies for many artists that like to go old school. Focusing on marketing ideas for gigs and radio for the band that lives on the road.


Whereas the other blogs I have mentioned in the post content with more traditional online marketing. Which also have quality information. Musicmarketing.com will challenge you much more to think outside of the box to come up with new ways of how to promote your music.


Instead of running to twitter every time you have a new song out, let’s run to three new music influencers and see if the can promote it for me. It’s a kind of mind fuck site that musicians need to read, soak up and take action on.


Along with adapting to your audience too. This site is another must read. Learning from someone like David who is a true expert in marketing in general, musicmarketing.com will break the mould for musicians who have only stick with the norm when it comes to music marketing.


4 Is a split between two Tunecore blog and Cdbaby’s DIY Musician Blog

tunecore and cdbaby

BUT !!! WAIT some of these blogs have some GOLD NUGGETS too. And here’s why? I won’t BS you here with these two. I put them together for a reason. Some of the content in these two blogs is some of the bad content that it just up there for the sake of having content,


Yes with these sites you will get the typical BS article “ 113 ways to use twitter” and the next 3 blogs posts are site promos. Which I don’t mind every site has to think of their bottom line. Nothing wrong with site promo but these sites definitely need to step up it up a notch with some of the quality control of what gets published.


But what I do like is that they do go out of there way to help promote their users of there services include them in regular artist promotion posts which is a plus.



CD – Baby- Blog Links


Quality article with a good explanation of You-tube music monetization



An epic read from a musicians experiences in the music industry



I preach this every day to every artist I speak too.



I hope you get something out of this blog post. Even if you just find one of these music marketing blogs that will relate to your marketing efforts then I have completed my task by showing you where these blogs are. Feel free to join the conversation here and drop your views here in the comments below. 


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